Ford GT  |  Spotted in Watkins Glen, New York

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Ford GT spotted in Watkins Glen, New York

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    Watkins Glen, New York
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    And the pinnacle of American cars; the Ford GT40! And my favorite shot i've ever taken too. Waited two years to post this photo but today seems like a good day for it. And i was talking to the owners' neighbors later that evening too and they said it's a real one.
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    black   ford   gt   watkins glen   panning   d3200   america  
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Comments (23 total)
Well i won't argue, and maybe it was a lie/joke but i think until i can see it again and look at more of the car's little details i'll continue believing the owner's wife.
Posted:  02/17/2016 23:14:31
It's definitely a replica. There's quite a few owners who try and pass their replicas off as legit. Check Josh's picture of this. Someone from the owner's town knows it's a superformance.
Posted:  02/17/2016 15:57:57
Not from what the owner and his wife told me.
Posted:  02/17/2016 02:17:27
This guy seems to go to every event at WGI. Too bad its a Superformance replica.
Posted:  02/16/2016 22:23:32
Thanks again guys!

It's still up there in my top three favorite cars i've ever seen and definitely the best sounding. That's one thing i don't think i've mentioned yet is this was probably the loudest vehicle i've heard in my life. His revs were louder than a train horn.
Posted:  11/27/2015 04:54:29
Not only that but this shot is as good as it gets!
Posted:  11/24/2015 09:04:33
Sam, that would make it an authentic Ford GT. If all parts were 100% authentic, but were assembled by the owner himself, it is an authentic piece of machinery. This has to be one of the rarest finds on the site. Spotting a real classic Ford GT is like winning the car spotting lottery.
Posted:  11/24/2015 08:58:05
Sam that's a very cool story! I wonder how much this car would go for at a auction with all original parts? Priceless for this owner who put the time and care to get it the way he wanted!
Posted:  11/24/2015 08:48:38
Thank you!

I recently found it again and got to talk to the owner's wife this time instead of the neighbor.

I can't tell if this makes it cooler or less authentic but she told me the car is actually not a factory car but was built by the owner in the garage out of real, original parts. So it's an authentic one but built by him. I think she said something about Africa and the car too but i didn't really get that part. lol
Posted:  11/23/2015 20:16:06
One of your very best shots! Sam awesome job once again! This is my very first Favorite since I ran out of them three years ago!
Posted:  11/23/2015 08:50:58
Lol. Yes it was.

Thank you though!
Posted:  09/01/2015 06:34:16
holy sh*t 2 years that's a long time man awesome spot btw L+F
Posted:  08/31/2015 11:10:13
Thank you!

It's all in the practice.

I once stood outside my house for 4 hours just taking pannings of every single car that drove by so i would know my preferred shutter speed and my preference on how to hold the camera. Only stopped at 4 hours because one of the guys who drove by got mad at me, honked his horn as loud as he could all the way by my house, stopped in the street, and started going in reverse to get back in front of my driveway so he could yell at me. I ran inside when he started going in reverse though. Some old redneck guy in a pickup truck.
Posted:  07/10/2015 02:55:10
Great shot Sam! I've had some good pans but this is spectacular!
Posted:  07/09/2015 20:01:28
Thank you!

Thought it would have gotten more likes but oh well.
Posted:  07/08/2015 17:28:00
Sam This shot is just outstanding!
Posted:  07/08/2015 11:41:51
Thank you!
Posted:  07/05/2015 19:49:29
Great shot!
Posted:  07/05/2015 16:24:12
Thank you!
Posted:  07/05/2015 03:07:52
I can see why this is your fav, its very well done! Great shot!
Posted:  07/05/2015 01:15:15
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