Pagani Zonda  |  Spotted in BEIJING, China

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Pagani Zonda spotted in BEIJING, China

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    BEIJING, China
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    zonda cinque
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Comments (13 total)
oh my. This is insane.
Posted:  10/21/2013 09:44:02


IN PARIS, FRANCE: & & & & & & & & Bugatti SuperSport + Agera R) & SuperSport + Agera R)

IN LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: & & & & & & & & & Agera R) & Agera R) & Agera R) & Agera R and Aston) & R) & Agera R) & Agera R)


And one Cinque goes to SINGAPORE:
Posted:  05/21/2012 23:11:26
Do yall know nothing about how reflections work?

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1) <!--[endif]-->The windows have a curve that is tapering up towards the centerline of the car. So therefore the ceiling is reflected in the windows. The ceiling is rows of lights, which may appear to be window pillars of a rolls royce phantom or a limo.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->2) <!--[endif]-->The cars have slightly different angles, Which means they will reflect the perfect grid of light above them differently. Hence the car on the right having a reflection in its hood. The hoods are open, and angle slightly towards the car, so they will reflect whatever is right above the cameras head. Which may just be a light..
3) Check out the corners right below the headlights. They have a yellow glow that is a reflection of the yellow floor. If this is not there or poorly done, then you have a fake. But this is perfect.
Think about how light reacts with objects and really study the picture with an artist's eye for detail before claiming its a fake.
Posted:  06/06/2011 00:35:53
It doesn't matter at all just think, 2 Pagani Zonda Cinques even if it is photoshopped, we dont care!!!!
Posted:  04/01/2011 09:50:40
im sorry but this is a fake for two reasons :

1. if you look at them carefully it has got the body of a rolls royce phantom or its a limo :L

2. there is a light on the one on the right but not on the one to the left ? hardly possible if there are like 30 lights above them both !
Posted:  01/07/2011 02:41:30
rules, rules and rules.. if there are two exotic cars in some kind of show cant he take a shot ? show or not these cars were there and it's the real thing..c'mon guys be realistic i dont care if it's autoshow, thank you 'mess' for showin me these monsters.
Posted:  09/02/2010 06:33:26
Check the message I sent you 'Ricolovely', that is if you're still coming back to this photo, which you probably are
Posted:  09/01/2010 16:38:31
You guys are such retards.. Can't you accept the fact that this is a photo of two Zonda Cinques together? These are owned by somebody in Beijing (regardless if it's 2 cars out of 5 made). The location is obviously in some kind of underground parking lot, most likely for a high rise. This is really common especially in eastern asia, I'd know since I lived there. As for the doors and engine lid open, the owners must have done that to put on a 'show' for the camera. I've known exotic car owners who've done the same thing too whenever I began to take pictures of theri cars. Honestley it seems that if some of you are simply jealous of what he has seen. I think it's a rather amazing picture.
Posted:  08/31/2010 18:33:02
i think there is 2 of them there because if you look at the hood of the one on the right, there is a light reflection and there is not one on the left, idk if it is real or not, but it seems like that ever since the first picture of the 2 cinques with the bentley in the parking garage thing, everyone is trying to fool people with photoshopped pics of 2 cinques in one spot at the same time
Posted:  08/31/2010 13:30:49
i dont think it should matter if this was a photoshoot or not, fact is, there are 2 Cinques in this picture and holy shit!
Posted:  08/31/2010 13:10:45
Personally, I think that this is set up. Two identical cars up against a wall with advertisements with their hoods and door open exactly the same... I don't buy it... but still, that must have been quite a site.
Posted:  08/31/2010 09:13:09
is it me or the back doesnt look like the cinque..?
Posted:  08/31/2010 08:05:48
Are these different? Because the Background has changed!m or what?? Amazing though <3
Posted:  08/31/2010 06:15:18
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