Pagani Zonda

The Pagani Zonda was the brain child of Horacio Pagani, he began the lineage in 1999 with the C12 which debuted at Geneva Motor Show. Powered by a 6.0L Merc engine producing 389hp. Only five examples of this Zonda were produced with only one still running as of 2013. The C12S followed the C12 in 2002 with an AMG tuned version of the engine producing an increased 540hp. The C12S exhibited some styling tweaks as well, only fifteen of these were built. After the S came the S 7.3 which used a new larger V12, as well as this, electronic aids were now added to the car as well. After the S 7.3, the Zonda Roadster came along in 2003 which was just a convertible version of the coupe with the same elements as the coupe as well.

The Zonda F came along in 2005, unveiled at Geneva. The F was the most extreme re-engineering of the Zonda to date. Although it shared the same engine as it's predecessor the F had many more styling tweaks as well as some light engine tweaks as well. A Roadster version of the F followed later in 2006 with the Roadster F Clubsport which managed to beat the Bugatti Veyron's lap time on the Top Gear test track. The Cinque then followed which claimed to be the ultimate Zonda. Featuring a new gear box as well as new tweaks to the styling, a Roadster version of this followed, overall, having five coupes and five roadsters. The last mass produced Zonda was the Tricolore which was built surprisingly as a tribute to the country's aerobatic team, it carries on much of the same styling as the Cinque.

There are also a variety of Special Edition Zonda's, like Zonda R, the famous track based Zonda of which only 15 were produced.

Credits: Volante Vermin

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