Bugatti Veyron  |  Spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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Bugatti Veyron spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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    Beverly Hills, California
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Comments (24 total)
@21Luke21 Exactly. I remember when I did sh*t like this on here and it got me banned for two years. Cut it out.
Posted:  11/19/2016 23:22:43
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Remarkable spot/shot, and an even more remarkable set of comments to go with it.
Posted:  11/19/2016 04:56:18
Come on guys, this is pathetic. All of you, CAR_DESIGNER_GAB, obsidianspots, rtpinto_media, it's pathetic. All you're doing in displaying a negative image on A, you guys, and B, the website itself. When you comment and start a chain of negative and pathetic comments, it allows other users of the website, both new and existing, to see how childish you really are. Now, you may be taking different sides to this so called "argument", but just stop guys, come on. Everyone, just move on and go your separate ways. If you dislike each other, then so be it, keep your comments to yourself, and put this in the past. Because continuously reviving this negative chain of comments just leaves a bad impression of the site, and you, to new users.
Posted:  11/19/2016 04:53:56
You're still lame.
Posted:  11/18/2016 17:16:19
If my fanbase can't help but get butthurt because of what they do or do not see, then why be here on this website ? You're only setting yourselves up for failure.
Posted:  11/18/2016 05:14:04
Really,I'm a "tard"? Cuz the way you are typing says otherwise. Lol.
Posted:  11/18/2016 02:56:21
It's my fanbase, bro; they've got to support my posts somehow !
Posted:  11/16/2016 21:37:33
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The struggle with your posts is real. LOL
Posted:  11/16/2016 20:30:04
@rivi3, it's a long story.
Posted:  11/15/2016 00:33:18
I am so confused????
Posted:  11/14/2016 23:32:05
Because my number one fans are veteran keyboard warriors.
Posted:  11/14/2016 20:23:58
Lmao what is going on here?

1) Why is he banned from posting only Veyrons?
2) Why all the tension all of the sudden?
Posted:  11/14/2016 18:54:38
Why you calling me bro? First of I don't know you and have no interest in doing so, and second, get off my dick Lol.
Posted:  11/13/2016 01:42:07
Ha, one of my loyal fans here again to show me some love; keep it to yourself though, i'm not interested.
Posted:  11/12/2016 08:31:53
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Someone gets angered easily lol. UMADBRO?
Posted:  11/12/2016 07:37:00
And it's you're*** you illiterate f*ck.
Posted:  11/12/2016 00:45:24
STFU? yeah ok. Why don't you came here and make me b*tch?
Posted:  11/12/2016 00:43:37
STFU or your gonna get it too
Posted:  11/12/2016 00:05:37
And who the f*ck gave you the authority to ban users? People are allowed to post any spot they wish as long as it's legit. You don't like the f*ck OFF.
Posted:  11/11/2016 23:42:19
Why is he banned? :/
Posted:  11/11/2016 20:20:08
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