Vector M12  |  Spotted in Woodland Hills, California

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Vector M12 spotted in Woodland Hills, California

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    Woodland Hills, California
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    My 600th Upload. I couldn't find a rarer car than this incredible Vector WX3 Concept (Only one in the world). Long story short: Annual Motor4toys car show was held that day, found out at the last minute, arrived late but this car was there, I left early to do Christmas shopping but by extreme luck and chance I saw this car again WAY AFTER the show ended at a supermarket parking lot. Honestly I did NOT follow the car at all and was random coincidence seeing it again without any expectation. Mind blowing car.
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Comments (20 total)
This is NOT an M12, it is the original Vector WX3, owned by Vector founder Gerald Wiegert.
The M12 cars were built in Florida by an Indonesian company that stole the Vector design and name.
Posted:  09/19/2018 11:27:56
AMAZING FIND! To me this car looks a lot like the Diablo.
Posted:  02/26/2017 00:15:05
Thanks Bensterr! I too cannot wait for the next 600 as well. Hopefully I will get the chance to spot more of these one-off cars as not many photos of them are uploaded often and will make a great collection to anyone's portfolio :)
Posted:  12/21/2015 06:55:44
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Congrats on 600, great way to do it in style, looking forward to the next 600!
Posted:  12/21/2015 03:08:32
Posted:  12/19/2015 18:42:08
Haven't commented in a while; couldn't help myself when I saw this.

Only 1 word to describe this piece, TITS!!!!!!
Posted:  12/19/2015 16:09:06
Oh and I almost forgot to mention: This car was being driven by the founder/CEO Gerald Wiegert. I tried to talk to him during the show but he was so busy getting pictures of the car and speaking with others that I only managed to get one question answered: He told me that this is a 1992/1993 model. Hopefully I get the chance to spot the W8, M12, and the Purple WX3R convertible prototype as well.
Posted:  12/19/2015 05:24:26
Thank you Gregg, FanOfSuperCars, and Lamborrari! @Cars4life1323, as you know these are "compact car" spaces and that Prius obviously had no problem with that lol. Also, it's not surprising he took two spots as most exotic car owners would for reasons like dents and scratches.

@Lamborrari, One-off cars like this one attract a lot of attention and very few of them are uploaded. Even I didn't expect Gregg to comment which is awesome as he is the founder of this site after all, but I am so thankful and lucky to see this little-known American super car pioneer.
Posted:  12/19/2015 05:07:44
nice parking
Posted:  12/19/2015 01:16:26
I smell EC :)
Posted:  12/19/2015 01:05:05
Amazing shot Ashoor! Wow @gregg, I basically never see you comment, this must be really good. :)
Posted:  12/19/2015 00:52:49
Great find. The car doesn't fit in the parking spot, even across 2 spaces it barely fits. lol
Posted:  12/19/2015 00:45:50
Great find!
Posted:  12/19/2015 00:42:10
insane ashoor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  12/18/2015 20:16:29
Amazing 600th shot!
Posted:  12/18/2015 19:10:14
Awesome find!!
Posted:  12/18/2015 16:53:18
Congrats Ashoor! I don't even have 100 yet, lol. Awesome spot!
Posted:  12/18/2015 16:44:14
Wow. Insane find. Happy 600th!
Posted:  12/18/2015 12:48:21
This is just insane. Looks like a damn spaceship. These things are insane.
Posted:  12/18/2015 12:40:51
AWESOME. I have yet to see a Vector.
Posted:  12/18/2015 08:44:48
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