Tesla Model S  |  Spotted in Rockville, Maryland

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Tesla Model S spotted in Rockville, Maryland

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    Rockville, Maryland
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    This car, no question deserves to be the 2013 Motor Trend car of the year. It goes 0-60 as fast as the r8 and its electric! The car has only two liquids, one for the windshield wipers and the other to cool the engine, its incredible! Im a big fan of the Model S and would take it over a roadster any day.
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Comments (20 total)
If somebody is talking about how many they've seen, yes, I am going to respond.
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:54:28
I'm pretty sure most people on the site know you see 5 lol
You been posting it alot on pics.
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:53:08
I've seen five. Haven't sat in one though.
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:50:41
I've seen 9 already I got to sit in one and there VERY nice!
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:50:00
It's inside a garage, its not on the driveway. There is no reason to report it.
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:46:22
Don't remove this picture. It's a great find!
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:45:52
driveways have banned from this site. take this down or i will report you.
Posted:  03/03/2013 01:40:08
i'm using hybrid in the sense of saving natural recources. so 3 energy run vehicles and 6 pedal vehicles are all saving natural recources. and i dont know whats to the left so there may be 10
Posted:  12/04/2012 21:32:42
This may be somewhat random, but can the tesla have a charging mat to park over. Maybe the blue tape is where they will dig for it. Or, it is just for people to stay away
Posted:  12/04/2012 21:31:38
LOL 9? No. The pink Power Wheels Jeep is electric-only, and the bicycles are by pedalling; none of those are a "hybrid" of any two sources of power. And depending on what's to the left of the Tesla, there may be only 1 hybrid there: the Prius.
Posted:  12/04/2012 21:28:36
you guys counted 2 hybrids, i count 9.

the tesla, prius, baby car, and 6 bikes.

great spot!!!
Posted:  12/04/2012 20:47:57
@ r8lover:
Tesla official time is 4.4 motor trend tested it for 3.9
Posted:  12/04/2012 19:41:09
at r8 lover i got that info from car buzz which i think i trust more
Posted:  12/04/2012 18:43:13
Not sure, but either a prius v or honda fit to the left
Posted:  12/04/2012 17:08:26
prius photobomb
Posted:  12/04/2012 16:21:11
the model s is not faster than the r8! the r8 v8 goes 0-60 in 4.4 secs. and the v10 goes 3.7 and then the tesla goes 5.6 not even close
Posted:  12/04/2012 16:17:57
Personally I hate when the car turns off when you stop. New BMW's do it now and its annoying hearing it turn off and on all the time. Prius isn't loud though just touchy due to the way the brakes are set up with the batteries.
Posted:  12/04/2012 16:07:42
i think these people like hybrids and electirics, cause they have this and a PRIUS!!!!!WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY@!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted:  12/04/2012 16:02:12
Who is sitting in that thing?
Posted:  12/04/2012 15:59:54
OMG no joke, i just spotted this exact car at the Columbia mall. the headlights were sooo bright.
Posted:  12/04/2012 14:03:02
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