Porsche 911 GT3  |  Spotted in Westport, Connecticut

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Porsche 911 GT3 spotted in Westport, Connecticut

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    Westport, Connecticut
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    One of my favorite photos I have ever taken!! Saw this new 911 GT3 turn onto Avery Place from Main Street. No editing done to this! A front photo will be uploaded as well!
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    Porsche   911   GT3   Westport   Connecticut   Panning   Red  
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Comments (20 total)
Thanks! It's awesome to see this up to 40!
Posted:  08/07/2015 21:49:16
Well u got 40 now aha big like from me great work
Posted:  08/07/2015 21:41:26
Wow! Thanks guys, I finally got 30! Hopefully in the future I can get more shots like this, but for now, I'm stuck in the winter...
Posted:  01/18/2015 20:27:35
Yay Matt will be so happy! Good work Jordan!
Posted:  01/18/2015 19:47:28
 1 like
Gave it 30 This shot looks great I love the new gt3 great spot!!
Posted:  01/18/2015 19:45:55
I wish I could, but I've already L/Fed it. Can't wait for it to get 30 though, you really deserve it Matt! Most of your spots are severely underrated!
Posted:  01/18/2015 19:44:54
 1 like
One more for 30! Who wants to do it?
Posted:  01/18/2015 13:14:49
Awesome! Thanks, I just showed this photo to a friend and he couldn't believe how good it turned out! (And he's not even a car fanatic).
Posted:  01/09/2015 18:32:20
This is finally your best rated shot! Nice work, you deserve it!
Posted:  01/09/2015 17:04:29
Thanks! The sun had just set, making the GT3 stand out!
Posted:  01/09/2015 16:54:29
Love this pic. Great pan. Think it's great how all the black & white makes the red pop out.
Posted:  01/09/2015 00:55:55
Thanks! Me too.
Posted:  01/07/2015 18:36:01
Nice shot, L/F! I hope this gets to be your highest rated!
Posted:  01/07/2015 17:44:21
Thanks, we took it at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, and now find it fitting, as we seem to stumble upon more Maserati's than any other car!
Posted:  01/04/2015 14:11:40
Just noticed your new profile pic, I like that as well! :)
Posted:  01/04/2015 13:54:14
Thanks a lot!
Posted:  01/04/2015 13:50:45
A fast moving target is often difficult. I think your shot turned out good. Well done on the spot as well.
Posted:  01/04/2015 12:58:24
Thanks! I thought it came out blurry, as I had forgotten to take it out of HDR, but when I looked at the outcome it was spectacular. I am so happy with how it turned out!
Posted:  01/03/2015 18:49:32
This might be your best shot ever, I hope the ratings end up reflecting that! L/F for sure!
Posted:  01/03/2015 17:47:07
Great shot.
Posted:  01/03/2015 17:44:28
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