Pagani Huayra  |  Spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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Pagani Huayra spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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    Beverly Hills, California
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    Pagani Huayra  
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Comments (34 total)
KennyMK6R, I do agree on most of that. I can't stand the guy and will never watch a video he posts ever. But I do have to say that at least he drives his cars around instead of just letting them sit in a garage forever. I like that he actually lets spotters see his cars out in the wild and admire the automobiles he owns (until he crashes them).

Also, I can't think of any day that isn't a great time to pop some chilled champagne. Groundhogs day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, every Friday....
Posted:  01/17/2018 07:08:46

Ben Chen is the BIGGEST A**HOLE, SOB, SON-OF-A-G*N, ARROGANT, ... PERSON YOU EVER WANT TO MEET on this universe !

A lot of people on this forum " likes " him or/ defend him ...

To me, and some people on this forum, he is NOBODY without his parents ... He goes around USA flashing his exotic like he is some sort of BIG SHOT ...

He called the Koenigsegg Agera " a piece of sh*t " ( ) ...

He crashed a rented McLaren 12C into one of those rented storage place (*t-dest-513316118 )

He crashed a Lamborghini Murcielago SV outside a car event when he was denied entry and started showing off ...

He rubbed the front bumper of his Mercedes CLK-GTR exiting a gas station and don't care

Also there are a lot of members here that said he earned his money for his company ... I called BULLSH*T ... His daddy probably transferred money into his company's bank account monthly to make it look like it is making a lot of money ...

He called himself the white mafia or something like it ... I hoped one day he really strike the wrong note with someone and someone takes him out like a true mafia style.
The day he is laying 10 feet underground is the day I pop my chilled champagne !!!!!
Posted:  12/03/2017 08:41:55
Posted:  11/29/2017 03:11:36
I met him a few weeks ago. He seemed alright to me, just like any other young rich guy.
Posted:  05/21/2014 04:12:43
Great spot! lol I've also met him. It seems like many people have met Ben Chen. He seemed ok when I met him.
Posted:  05/20/2014 20:17:08
Spencer, I've met him too Lol..
Posted:  05/01/2014 10:39:04
i think he inherited a lot of money or something
Posted:  05/01/2014 02:47:35
someone make it 100-50!!!
Posted:  11/24/2013 20:09:52
80th like! I love this shot! l/f!
Posted:  11/20/2013 21:54:58
@MrCar: OK thanks!
Posted:  11/20/2013 17:42:54
My opinion: Ben Chen is a guy with a rich father who gave him his cars
Most people opinion: Ben is a selfish brat who doesn't deserve anything
Posted:  11/20/2013 17:33:15
Oh wow.
Posted:  11/20/2013 17:30:24
Ask Andrew or Sumosloths about him, or maybe R8Lover cause i believe they have all met him.
Posted:  11/20/2013 16:54:56
Hey, I have a noob question. Who is this Ben Chen guy? I've heard that name a bunch of times before but I don't know who he is.
Posted:  11/20/2013 16:37:11
Epic combo and shot!!!!
Posted:  11/20/2013 15:46:56
This is the Pagani from Transformers 4. I saw it along with a Ferrari 458 and rumor has it that there was a Veyron but I didn't see it. The movie was filmed very closely to my office in Chicago.
Posted:  11/20/2013 13:14:07
Ben Chen apparently doesn't want a Huarya APPARENTLY
Posted:  11/20/2013 10:21:09
Ben Chen?
Posted:  11/20/2013 10:19:47
No, kenny. The Pagani just arrived from the Transformers 4 shoot.
Posted:  11/20/2013 10:18:27
Ain't these that f*c*ing a**hole Ben whatever his f*c*ing last name cars ???
Posted:  11/20/2013 10:12:40
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