Lamborghini Reventon  |  Spotted in Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Lamborghini Reventon spotted in Nottingham, United Kingdom

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    Nottingham, United Kingdom
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    Lamborghini Reventon Roadster at my work. The owner has several supercars in his collection. He's a customer of mine and he very kindly offered to take me for a ride. It was amazing!
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Comments (41 total)
@Cal Yeah his Reventon coupe was for sale at Canary Wharf. I believe he still has it at the moment. @Rivibird Thanks a lot. :)
Posted:  12/03/2012 16:00:07
OMG! Fantastic find! The UK is really good for supercars, everywhere but London is still the best. I think I saw his Reventon in London in a small motorshow in Canary Wharf, it said it was for sale.
Posted:  12/03/2012 14:39:18
hey superleggera, this may have been beaten with a 4 revdnton combo
Posted:  12/03/2012 06:16:00
@Line Wow thats awesome! 3 Reventons! No his initials are C H. :)
Posted:  12/03/2012 02:54:39
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lucky family!
Posted:  12/02/2012 19:40:55
awesome spot. hey my friends family own some reventons and keep them in england, i think they have 1 coupe and 3 roadsters. i took a picture inside their garage of their reventons and posted it on here but it got taken down because it was obviously taken in a garage. i'm trying to see the driver in these pictures but cant make him out, is this guys initials M.K?
Posted:  12/02/2012 18:46:18
Very cool, lucky you!
Posted:  12/02/2012 00:42:09
Cheers for the comments. I know his name but i wont post it. He lives in Wollaton Nottingham. It's a different guy who owns the Enzo and the Veyrons.
Posted:  12/01/2012 04:02:16
I love these!!!
Great spot!!!

like and fav
Posted:  11/30/2012 20:13:06
does he live near widmerpool ???? please say he does : )
Posted:  11/30/2012 17:18:24
do you know his name and is he the one who has the enzo i posted : )
Posted:  11/30/2012 17:10:32
Actually, the only pic to beat this is teresas strautos
Posted:  11/30/2012 11:29:41
Thanks mate :)
Posted:  11/30/2012 06:01:37
omg! one of the best spots!! well done
Posted:  11/30/2012 05:30:41
@Alex Absolute, amen to that! IMO the Veyron lacks the quality in beauty and style, sure it goes fast and the design is built for the optimum aerodynamics and etc, but when you put a Zonda next to a Veyron, the Zonda's look triumphs the Veyron.
Posted:  11/29/2012 19:10:28
personaly i just dont like the veyron as it has no real beauty to it its just designed to go quick unlike the agera r thats just as quick but still looks amazing i remember back in the 90s when all hypercars looked beautiful and companies put looks above all else another reason i dont like the veyron is that they are everywhere for a £1.2 million car theres far to many of them as they are factory made unlike pagani or koenigseigg who work months on a single car witch is handbuilt to perfection
Posted:  11/29/2012 18:42:02
He has a 'standard' Veyron, Pur Sang Veyron and Supersports World Record Edition Veyron. It is a bit much having 3. I agree
Posted:  11/29/2012 18:32:45
Why would anyone buy 3 Veyrons?...tbh I'm not a great fan of Veyrons, but I understand the pride in owning one of the fastest cars in the world, but 3 is a bit excessive. I would spend the extra money from the 2 Veyrons to buy other cars, not to mention the extra money the guy has to spend the maintain the Veyrons.
Posted:  11/29/2012 18:27:39
And yeah the guy is so nice. He's one of the richest people in Nottingham but u wouldnt believe it to talk to him. I told him he'd made my life for letting me ride in it!
Posted:  11/29/2012 18:19:25
Yeah Nottingham is great for supercar spotting. I work on Derby road which is the main road between Notts and Derby. Theres a Ferrari/Maserati dealership about 5 mins away and theres an Aston Martin dealership in Derby. I see Bentleys and Aston Martins all the time. Theres a guy in Notts who has 3 Veyrons. One of which ive seen on the road. Ive seen Enzos,Ford GTs, Mclaren SLR's. All sorts!
Posted:  11/29/2012 18:17:35
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