Lamborghini Huracan  |  Spotted in Downers Grove, Illinois

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Lamborghini Huracan spotted in Downers Grove, Illinois

Details on This Lamborghini Huracan:

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    Downers Grove, Illinois
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    This Huracan was being taken to the new Lamborghini dealership on Ogden Avenue. I saw this at the Speedway just west of there.
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    Lamborghini Huracan White Coupe  
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Comments (219 total)
Nice spot! Why don't you post on ag anymore?
Posted:  03/03/2020 21:10:03
LOL thanks! And if you're out of Red Bank like your page says, I've heard it's quite nice once you take some time and look around. :)
Posted:  06/23/2016 18:50:39
Every time I go on this site, I hate my little town more and more lol. I'm missing all these super nice cars
Posted:  06/23/2016 18:28:37
Yeah I saw those shots when you posted them and have L/Fs of both of them. Those cars are really cool, and it must have been awesome to spot three before they came out. :)
Posted:  05/21/2016 17:04:33
I know what you mean. While in the San Francisco Bay area in Oct 2014-Jan 2015 I spotted three AMG GT-S's, waaaaaay before they were supposed to hit the roads. Turned out they had a bunch in Monterey for press testing, and some of them made it up north to me. Still, it was, as you say, mind blowing. Standing on the side of the road at the Golden Gate Bridge spotting, what's that, SLS, cool! Wait a minute.... that's no SLS!!!
Posted:  05/21/2016 16:57:46
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Thanks so much Jeff! Yeah this was mind-blowing to spot so early.
Posted:  05/21/2016 16:41:32
Make that 213 comments, lol! One of the first regular production Huracans spotted on the site, great catch!
Posted:  05/21/2016 16:37:04
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I'll try
Posted:  02/27/2016 23:02:12
Yeah I don't either. Maybe put up that question in the forum?
Posted:  02/27/2016 22:21:05
Tried to post within the last maybe week, hasn't really worked, don't know why. :/
Posted:  02/27/2016 22:15:00
Yeah, spectating cars are usually postable but typically won't make the featured page.
Posted:  02/27/2016 22:08:25
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Yeah that is acceptable. I have had a few spots like that myself, such as the Qvale Mangusta on my first page. I will look for any shots of them that you post! :)
Posted:  02/27/2016 22:07:10
Ok, because I go to a car meet once a month, and there are usually very nice cars just in the spectator parking lot.
Posted:  02/27/2016 22:05:25
If you are talking about the cars that are parked but have nothing to do with the show, yeah it's fine. But if they have involvement with the show, it's not OK. It really depends on the scenario though.
Posted:  02/27/2016 19:41:30
Are you referring to cars that were in the meet/show or cars that were spectating the meet/show?
Posted:  02/27/2016 16:07:34
I notice you are one of the most active accounts on this website, so i was wondering if it was ok to post pictures taken from the parking lot of a car meet/show.
Posted:  02/27/2016 03:53:47
Joe I totally agree with you, the front could be a bit better but the back is perfect! :)
Posted:  11/17/2015 23:19:05
What do you think of the new RWD Huracan? I think the front is ehh, but the rear is awesome, looks much more like a modern countach in my eyes.
Posted:  11/17/2015 21:54:46
Damn I wanted to do that Gallardo along with the Huracan next year. That would be their first wreck ever then, insurance is bound to go up as well. They told me as of my last visit to Blackhawk they prided themselves in never having a wrecked car LOL, of course the time you were booked to drive the STS that would happen. Hope you had fun in the Huracan and 458s though! :)

And by the way that was the 200th comment on this shot! LOL :)
Posted:  11/16/2015 23:14:12
What are the odds that out of two Huracan's in their inventory they sell the one that I did drive already lol. Thank God right. So I was pleased to drive the grey one. I did drive the two silver 458's as well. Some one did wreck the Lamborghini LP550-2. I remember last year when I visited Blackhawk farms in the rain last year that was the same car that spun off in the tire wall when I was entering the track! I drove that car last year in Atlanta and I thought it drove better then the LP560-4.
Posted:  11/16/2015 09:20:18
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