Lamborghini Espada  |  Spotted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Lamborghini Espada spotted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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    I can't believe I saw this today! Lamborghini Espada. I just don't understand why somebody would try to modify this historic car?!
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    Maroon Lamborghini Espada  
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Comments (36 total)
i really like this espada the bonnet / hood, the color and the fact it is an espada
Posted:  12/19/2012 20:35:45
So true, I've seen so many nice cars this year!
Posted:  12/19/2012 20:23:17
Seeing a Veyron is still on my bucket list!
Posted:  12/19/2012 17:59:36
Yeah, thats my favorite mansory.
It was the one that actually got me into the company.
Posted:  10/26/2012 06:19:07
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Wow, that looks really cool!
Posted:  10/26/2012 05:56:17
Posted:  10/26/2012 04:08:08
djshift isnt the only one that likes mansory they look awesome
Posted:  10/26/2012 03:43:05
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Posted:  09/23/2012 11:26:10
Wow, an Espada. Super find!
Posted:  09/21/2012 22:26:43
Oh. Okay.
Posted:  09/10/2012 22:04:08
Driveblox, you're right: DjShift's opinion is as good as the rest of ours.

DjShift: I hope you understand that I wasn't trying to be a d*ck, and my post was written with a light heart. Though it was a long post (I type as fast as I think, so a long post of mine doesn't mean I was stewing on it for a long time), I was basically just trying to say don't be surprised if you're just about the only one on here that likes Mansory, and your love for wildly-altered exotics is certainly "unique" lol. And as others said, that's not meant to be an insult.
Posted:  09/10/2012 21:17:53
@r8lover, Oh, okay. Thank you!!!

@driveblox man, thank you!!!
Posted:  09/10/2012 15:45:04
Not trying to make anyone mad at all. I'm just explaining my opinion, too.
Posted:  09/10/2012 15:25:27
Djshift, I'm sorta with you. I like very few Mansory cars, Like the Panamera. They make it awesome looking. I like large wings, especially the ones on the Superbirds too. Large rims, not so much. And, I love classic Exotics. Especially the Miura. Great oldschool Lambo. Your opinion is as good as anyone else's. Don't feel bad DjShift, We all respect your opinion (I think) and we should all like everyone else's opinions, too.
Posted:  09/10/2012 15:24:41
@r8lover, thank you!!!(i think...)
Posted:  09/09/2012 22:31:31
I love exotics with bodykits.
I love the fast and the furious modded cars.
I love mansory (especially the carbon fiber one's)
I am not just going for entertainment, i'm stating my opinion.
I love huge rims and wings Plymouth Superbird sized especially.
I think mansory helps everything they touch.
I know many other people who also love mansory just as much as me.
I do also love classics but there are certain one's i hate (Miura) and certain one's i love (all classic bugattis and jaguars)
Posted:  09/09/2012 21:54:02
Whoa, this is getting intense! Great to hear your guys opinions!
Posted:  09/09/2012 21:10:18
Mansory makes the ugliest wheels.
Posted:  09/09/2012 21:08:24
Mansory makes the ugliest bodykits for exotics. In fact, there shouldn't be ANY bodykits for exotics. That "Fast and Furious" cr*p should just be left to the cheap econoboxes kids drive when they're young.

DjShift, you're probably only one of a handful of people in the entire world that likes Mansory's cr*p lol. You hate the classics, and love the hideous ones that have the most tasteless things done to them. I mean, an opinion is one thing, and everyone is certainly entitled to theirs and I'm definitely not saying yours is wrong, but sometimes it's like you try to come across as TOO different simply for the sake of entertainment. If everyone agreed that something was black, you'd say it was white. If a wing is already obnoxiously huge, you'd say it wasn't big enough.

To say "Oh come on. You too now???" to someone disliking Mansory is quite funny. Besides you, who DOESN'T dislike Mansory? They're awful and they ruin everything they touch. They're the very definition of "tasteless". As is what was done to this classic exotic.
Posted:  09/09/2012 21:06:56
Oh come on. You too now???
Why doesn't anybody like mansory???
What is there to not like about the company???
Posted:  09/09/2012 20:56:24
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