Lamborghini Countach  |  Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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Lamborghini Countach spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    While spotting in Auckland, I hear an insane noise coming towards me. All of a sudden, this insane Lamborghini Countach drove past me! One of only 3 legit Countachs in the entire country, and what makes this spot cooler, also saw another one 9 minutes before this. So yes, I spotted two Countachs in 9 minutes!
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Comments (26 total)
Sorry for the notification everyone, but it looks like my comment about "at least May" until I spot one of these was right... ;)
Posted:  06/13/2016 23:39:25
You'll spot one, I know you will. I've managed to spot 3, but only got 2 on camera. I believe there are something like 7 in NZ.
Posted:  05/18/2016 19:00:05
The height of Lamborghini insanity, love it! I've only seen one at a show, sadly...
Posted:  05/18/2016 13:52:17
Thanks West! I'm glad you really like this. Was only a matter of time that you would find this :) I'm thankful for the L/F, but it really isn't necessary :) Cheers anyway!

Oh and btw, if you really like this, then you'll love my upcoming finds. I think I may have spotted these 2 exotics before you have, and if so, then I'm super pleased, because you seem to have spotted everything!!
Posted:  12/11/2015 12:40:35
This is absolutely now my favorite of all your pics now Luke! Like and fav from me!
Posted:  12/11/2015 12:31:22
Thanks Pat!
Posted:  12/09/2015 20:23:55
like and fav , nice find
Posted:  12/09/2015 20:06:17
Wow Jotg! That's cool. I ever see anything when it hails! Lol. Seems like owners in Auckland are very picky with what weather they choose to go out in.

And really Alex? Hopefully you see it soon.
Posted:  12/08/2015 04:05:30
The Winters over here don't stop the Exotic car owners bringing them out. I do see most of my spotted exotics in the Spring/Summer, but I've spotted a few in Autumn/Winter. Exotic owners over here really don't care about the weather, as they always "Warm Up" their exotics by revving the cr*p out of them! Lol.
Posted:  12/07/2015 23:58:21
"Soon" means at least May for me LOL, any Countach owner who has any sense has already put it away for the long, cold winter. I sure hope so though! :)
Posted:  12/07/2015 23:55:32
Thanks Lamborarri! I had never seen a Countach before this day, and then all of a sudden i see 2 in 9 minutes! This was the second Countach I saw. I believe you will spot a legit Countach soon!
Posted:  12/07/2015 23:48:01
Awesome find and shot Luke!! Never spotted a legit Countach, and only ever seen one.
Posted:  12/07/2015 23:42:54
Thanks Bella! But I don't actually think there is a Jalpa in New Zealand, but I don't know! I had no idea I would spot this, so maybe I will see a Jalpa! Lol. How have you been lately? Seen anything super cool??
Posted:  12/07/2015 23:19:27
Thanks Sam! I'm glad you like this.

Thanks for the L/F Bella! I'm glad you like the shot. Still yet to spot a Jalpa like you have though!!

Thanks Morgan. Trust me, you'll find a Countach sooner or later. They make an incredible noise too. The V12 makes an incredible noise which was just music to my ears.

And Jotg, you'll see one soon too. I think there is only one in the whole South Island, so good luck spotting it.
Posted:  12/07/2015 18:21:21
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i have never seen a countach outside of a show or museum, awesome spot and shot man :)
Posted:  12/07/2015 14:37:14
Awesome spot and shot, Luke! Love it! L/F
Posted:  12/07/2015 13:55:29
Wow! How long ago was that? And it would have been great to see a photo.
Posted:  12/07/2015 08:42:53
Thankyou for the L/F NZCS.

Thanks for the kind comment Gabe! I was pretty much shaking when I saw this! Just couldn't believe it.

And thanks Sam :) Have you had the chance to spot one of these magnificent beasts before?
Posted:  12/07/2015 06:00:28
Awesome find luke
Posted:  12/07/2015 05:47:42
Luke that's a great spot! And awesome shot!!
Posted:  12/07/2015 05:24:41
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