Lamborghini Aventador  |  Spotted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Lamborghini Aventador spotted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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    I spotted this beast last summer on US 1 across the street from my job. Not the best picture but it's the best I could do.
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    Lamborghini   Aventador   Roadster   Fort Lauderdale   Florida  
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Comments (20 total)
People just mad cuz they will never afford one. @IrishMurf
Posted:  03/03/2015 08:40:10
@bestcarspotter is it yours?
Posted:  03/02/2015 18:54:14
I actually like it
Posted:  03/02/2015 12:40:04
Congratulations on a fantastic picture!

I agree 100% with @fasteppy, add some clear skies, the different native plants you can see and even the coloring of the pavement add to it.

The fact that taking the picture was a combination of luck and preparation only makes the picture nicer, IMO. (two nocks on my desk ;))

The car wrap design is a matter of personal test and ... well, I wish I had the money to be able to be so "obnoxious" :P
Posted:  03/02/2015 10:48:34
@bestcarspotter & venomgt95: That comment is more than rude, thank you for the observation, being the first one to speak. I wonder what the Moderators' position is on this remark?
Posted:  02/27/2015 17:12:41
I love this shot, and the car looks stunning as well! Really nice work on this one!
Posted:  02/26/2015 20:00:48
I appreciate everyone's positive comments. As for how the picture turned out, it was accidental. There was no skill involved. I was just lucky to get the shot at all because it was driving. This car wasnt parked like it may appear in the picture.
Posted:  02/26/2015 19:57:30
That's a Special edition called PROJECT DUAIV.
Painted by the artist DUAIV....
Posted:  02/26/2015 17:28:14
An amazingly bizarre picture. The dark & stormy (any sailors here?) sky, I'll bet the trees are blowin' in the wind, the new residential buildings vs the old Florist architecture, weathered orange paint with graphics, the corrugated steel walls with paintings on them. Then the featured popsicle on wheels. You know Chris, some say that the ownership if a Lamborghini is a cry for attention. Obnoxious or not might be determined by the model, the accessories, & the paint/wrap. I wish I was there to take this picture, regardless of uploading it to ES. It's a Florida postcard. I might've raised the camera a bit, a little too much pavement for me. But I just uploaded a photo of a white GT-R with the same compositional error: too much foreground pavement. Oh well, an easy mistake to make, easier to fix. Wonderful photo, ripe with narrative potential.
Posted:  02/26/2015 16:11:16
That fag comment was kinda rude.

I like this though.
Posted:  02/26/2015 10:19:03
I do agree that all the colors make for a nice feast for the eyes, and it being in Florida just makes sense.

If this scheme were on, say, an old van like so many that are used for murals and interesting artwork, I'd probably love it lol. But on a stylish supercar? Definitely not my thing.
Posted:  02/25/2015 20:32:11
I can understand that. I am just thinking for the picture with the background and everything, the color scheme works great. In a normal setting, I don't think I would like that color on a car.
Posted:  02/25/2015 20:26:54
Just my opinion. Lamborghinis are already outrageous enough; this just looks tasteless and seems like an obnoxious cry for attention.

Again, just my opinion and not a dig at anyone thinking otherwise.
Posted:  02/25/2015 20:21:04
Really? I think it is really cool.
Posted:  02/25/2015 19:59:22
This is certainly... awful.
Posted:  02/25/2015 19:54:28
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Such a unique picture! Everything about it seems out of place but I love it!
Posted:  02/25/2015 19:34:55
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That's crazy!
Posted:  02/25/2015 17:44:19
From what I have seen of the artist he is quite an eccentric person. Great spot!
Posted:  02/25/2015 16:21:41
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The owner is an artist in South Florida but yeah he must have been on something when designing this haha.
Posted:  02/25/2015 16:12:27
the acid wrap lol
Posted:  02/25/2015 16:11:22
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