Koenigsegg CCXR  |  Spotted in Westminster, Colorado

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Koenigsegg CCXR spotted in Westminster, Colorado

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    Westminster, Colorado
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    What an amazing day to see this stunning Koenigsegg CCXR at a detailing shop! It looks sooo incredible! Love it!
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    Koenigsegg CCXR Westminster Colorado  
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Comments (74 total)
Pretty sure the owner posted about it on his Instagram to be honest.
Posted:  06/06/2019 21:31:56
@Mustang1 How do you know that there's a Regera coming to Atlanta? That's really cool how you guys track the cars, so you know exactly what you're going to spot!
Posted:  06/06/2019 12:51:40
Haha, np. My old nick was better anyway. It was Luckydaff
Posted:  11/03/2018 12:28:33
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Yeah probably an auto-correct issue, at least I'd hope so.
Posted:  10/31/2018 04:56:48
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I think its a typo Bella, he was just replying to 'Swe-Spotter' lol :D
Posted:  10/31/2018 02:34:13
@TheMclarenLover- What you trying to say with that comment??
Posted:  10/31/2018 01:28:46
Did you see what chassis it was?
Posted:  09/06/2017 13:03:26
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@Mustang1-lol ;)
Posted:  09/07/2016 03:33:38
lol, now, i wish, we haven't moved in 14 years and have no plans to, i just know a lot of people down there, but chat has still got tricks up its selves, but the bad part is nobody drives them(cough cough more 918's, i think a carrera gt, and a few ford gt's)
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:56:19
@Mustang1- That's awesome news, Jackson! Do you live in Atlanta now?
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:52:24
@bullchaser- You will most definately!! :)
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:50:49
Well, chances r I will never have a chance to spot one of these, but at least there's a regera comming to Atlanta...
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:45:53
I've seen one, but now I want to spot one!!!
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:36:53
@bullchaser- Thank you!! :)
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:22:54
That's such a cool car I love it!!! :)
Posted:  09/06/2016 01:01:47
Oh, there's no need to apologise. It's just Greggs choice whether it stays or not. It probably will, just categorised as a Pseudo spot.
Posted:  06/01/2016 22:04:55
@21luke21 Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry for being immature, and I'm sorry to @bellaexotic as well. It's settled.
Posted:  06/01/2016 20:03:36
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Mills, what's the point in fighting this? If the shot shouldn't be here, Gregg would decide whether to remove it or not.
Posted:  06/01/2016 19:53:17
OK. I may get a lot of hate for bringing this topic back up, but I don't think this should count on ES. Jack did make a point. It's at Man Cave, which is a detail shop only for exotic cars. It doesn't matter if you had no prior knowledge, it still doesn't count. That's the rules. I'm really sorry for bringing this topic back up, but I don't believe that this shot deserves to stay up.
Posted:  06/01/2016 19:23:22
@MDPhotography88- Mills, Before:)
Posted:  05/08/2016 12:37:59
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