Ford GT  |  Spotted in Naperville, Illinois

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Ford GT spotted in Naperville, Illinois

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    Naperville, Illinois
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    Caught this beauty driving down the road. I had never seen one on the road before.
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    Ford GT Silver Coupe  
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Comments (50 total)
Thank you Jeff! I have only spotted two of these, this being one of them.
Posted:  05/21/2016 16:46:38
For the many thousands of hours I've put into spotting over the past 4 years, I've still only seen three of these on the roads of Ohio, and was only able to catch two of them. Yeah, more than a 458 or F12 or Huracan, Ford GT's are still thrilling to run into!
Posted:  05/21/2016 16:41:41
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Thanks Ashoor! I agree, it's amazing how quickly these have appreciated in value.
Posted:  10/12/2015 15:11:51
Amazing spot! I have seen a few Ford GTs before and the majority of them were red w/white stripes. Every time I see one my jaw drops to the ground and stays there for a few seconds LOL! I really love the design of this car and it will remain a future classic for decades to come!
Posted:  10/12/2015 02:05:01
Yeah, it is. A switch was supposed to open the door or something, though, but it ran out of power (must've been overused).
Posted:  08/05/2015 21:35:48
Sweet! Never sat in a Rolls, I'll bet it was very nice.
Posted:  08/05/2015 21:31:28
There was an R35 GTR (Godzilla license plate), R8 V10, Porsche 911 GT3, Audi RS7, Rolls-Royce Wraith (display, I sat in it), Bentley Continental GT, and some classics (Charger RT and I THINK an E-Type) for the notable ones.
Posted:  08/05/2015 21:30:12
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Thanks! That sounds like it would have been awesome to see, what else was at this show?
Posted:  08/05/2015 21:15:02
That thing looks great, L/F! I love Ford GTs. I saw a blue one with white stripes at a BMW dealer in Sudbury, but it was for a car show. A white Lamborghini Huracan was next to it for the show.
Posted:  08/05/2015 21:13:28
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Thanks for alerting me Joe, and also thanks to whoever made it 50! ;)
Posted:  07/08/2015 19:38:02
Well it's 50 now
Posted:  07/08/2015 19:31:43
That's fine Joe, I don't really care when it gets there. ;)
Posted:  07/08/2015 16:47:54
Sorry I already liked it man
Posted:  07/08/2015 02:50:53
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I don't usually do this, but anyone for 50?
Posted:  07/07/2015 19:49:58
That's cool, things tend to pile up in here and then get hard to sort or find again.
Posted:  05/25/2015 09:21:54
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Sorry for the late response Jafo! Yeah I just started editing in January and have been trying to get better as I go.
Posted:  05/25/2015 09:05:52
Ah You also lost some shadow detail in the exhaust in the new edit. Isn't photo editing awesome! Still better than a darkroom..
Posted:  04/17/2015 22:07:14
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Thanks man! I was trying to saturate it a little bit, and also lessen the contrast a bit. I also intended to slightly increase the temperature.
Posted:  04/17/2015 21:50:56
This shot is great. What we're trying to do in the new edit?
Posted:  04/17/2015 21:49:56
Thanks Joe, I'd have to take it back as well, this sounded great pulling away from the stoplight!
Posted:  03/31/2015 12:31:37
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