Ferrari LaFerrari  |  Spotted in Victor, New York

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Ferrari LaFerrari spotted in Victor, New York

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    Victor, New York
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    While going to work at the mall last December Danny Wegman randomly came up behind us in his new (at the time) LaFerrari. So glad i was riding in the back that day instead of driving. Freaked out and took some photos while my mom raced him to get me a good angle. Didn't think i'd like the LaFerraris till i saw one in person.
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    red   ferrari   laferrari   danny wegman   victor   ny   d3200  
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Comments (17 total)
Thank you!
Posted:  02/23/2016 06:54:49
Awesome spot and shot!
Posted:  02/22/2016 23:04:53
It was about 50 minutes away, the most I'm willing to drive is like 40.
Posted:  02/21/2016 02:33:44
@Bonehead, Danny Wegman's the only one with a LaFerrari in Rochester and it's pretty well known in the area as Diablo_SV said. I also saw him in there and he waved to me.

@SDJ, Oh, yeah, there's no spotting up there. I went once before and it was dead empty for miles. Loved it up there though. Hiking at the crags is the best.

@Lamborarri, Thank you! How far are you? I don't think i'd drive extremely far to see one but if it's like a half hour you should've. Bugatti i'd drive hours to see on the streets though.
Posted:  02/20/2016 23:46:10
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Great find and shot Sam!! There was one seen in Chicago today but I live too far away to justify driving there even though I know where it is.
Posted:  02/20/2016 22:22:59
@DjShift- Nope, I'll be in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks. Not close enough to Lake Placid to be decent for spotting. Most I've seen there was a Jaguar XF.
Posted:  02/20/2016 20:22:35
@bonehead it's very public info who owns this car since it belongs to billionaire Danny Wegman
Posted:  02/20/2016 15:53:52
How do you know who owns it? And, if you know the owner, can't you just go visit him and get a photo? Maybe even a ride and a photo?!?
Posted:  02/20/2016 15:28:47
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Well I just think the escape is one of the best looking cars on sale today
Posted:  02/20/2016 03:21:58
i would've said the same when the LaFerrari first came out but hearing and seeing this one changed that for me.
Posted:  02/20/2016 03:17:11
Id rather have that escape in the background
Posted:  02/20/2016 02:58:07
Thanks everyone!

SDJ, going to a good spotting city?
Posted:  02/20/2016 01:23:54
Awesome spot, Sam! Beautiful LaFerrari!!
Posted:  02/20/2016 01:15:29
Awesome find!
Posted:  02/20/2016 00:06:35
I'll be out of town all of July lol but hopefully he'll still be driving it in August and June.
Posted:  02/19/2016 23:25:49
Thank you!

You probably will sometime in the summer. If he was still driving it in December, he'll probably drive it a ton in July.
Posted:  02/19/2016 23:22:05
You're really lucky to have seen his two most awesome cars. I hope I get to see this this year. Nice shot too!
Posted:  02/19/2016 23:17:40
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