Ferrari 458 Italia  |  Spotted in Cherry Creek, Colorado

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Ferrari 458 Italia spotted in Cherry Creek, Colorado

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    Cherry Creek, Colorado
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    Amazing Ferrari 458 Speciale parked by a Restaurant in Cherry Creek, the owner came out of Restaurant with his son and we chatted a bit.Very nice owner.
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    Ferrari 458 Speciale cherry creek Colorado red  
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Comments (94 total)
@Lamborarri- I hope you hit the jackpot! ;)
Posted:  12/26/2015 07:13:43
It's pretty recent guys, as of not even a month ago. But I bought a multi-state ticket last night, we'll see. :)
Posted:  12/25/2015 17:49:29
@Horse-power- I know that sucks big time, when Lamborarri mentioned that about the lottery tickets, I didn't know that IL was operating like this with their lottery winners, lol! Thank you so much West for the well wishing for 2016, I really appreciate that! :D May you have a very Merry Xmas and an amazing year '2016' !!
Posted:  12/22/2015 15:14:53
Maybe Lamborarri can pick you up some Illinois lottery tickets for a great price lol. That's screwed up. Can you imagine winning that lottery and telling your boss what he can do with his job, and finding out that the Government is broke Ha talking about the biggest highs and lows one can experience. Bella I hope that 2016 brings you everything good that life has to offer! Merry Xmas to you and your family!
Posted:  12/22/2015 11:34:46
@Horse-power- Hi, West! Lol, right tell me about it, it's crazy! I actually have one more gift to go, and I will be done, lol! And I'm going with the lottery tickets for this gift, Nick's idea was awesome! ;) My weekend was amazing, I wanted it to last for a while, lol! I hope your weekend was fantastic!! And thank you for the comment on the FF, I really like the spec on it! In case we dont talk have a wonderful and relaxing Xmas! ;) May Santa come through with all our lists, lol!!
Posted:  12/22/2015 00:22:43
 1 like
Good Morning Bella. Yet another weekend in the history books. I survived the holiday shopping nightmare and I am ready to get done with this short work week. I hope your weekend was a great one? I thought your FF post was excellent! Talk with you before Xmas.
Posted:  12/21/2015 11:37:00
@Lamborarri- Hi! Are you serious, they are that broke! lol! I would not play the Lottery/Lotto over there then, who want's an 'IOU', with that kind of money! And, thank you so much, Happy Xmas to you!!;) Have a good one!;)
Posted:  12/20/2015 22:05:29
Lucky you, talking about winning the lottery. The IL government is so broke that anyone who wins gets an "IOU" that will be paid back when they have sufficient funds. Anyway, Happy Xmas Bella and anyone else who celebrates it! If you don't, Happy Holidays! :)
Posted:  12/20/2015 19:44:34
@Mazdafreak- Yesss! It's exciting! Hope they win! ;)
Posted:  12/20/2015 19:00:16
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Thanks, same to you. Nothing like giving everyone a chance to win a ton of money. Hahah
Posted:  12/20/2015 17:32:01
@Mazdafreak- Nick, out of those 2 choices, the lottery tickets, definately! ;) Have a fantastic holiday!
Posted:  12/20/2015 16:11:28
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Lol well that and lottery tickets are what I've resorted to.
Posted:  12/20/2015 14:19:59
@Mazdafreak- Lol, Nick! Atleast we have a few more days to get it done;) Fastest and easiest gifts are gift cards, lol! Have a great weekend! ;)
Posted:  12/19/2015 16:53:38
 1 like
At least you guys know what you're going to buy. I still haven't bought the first gift for anyone yet and don't know what the hell I'm going to buy for everyone. : /
Posted:  12/19/2015 00:41:55
@Horse-power! Hi West! Hope your doing fantastic, as i am as well!:)Yes, i have an amazing weekend planned! I have 2 more gifts to go and i already know what they will be, so one i can run in and purchase it, and the other one i'm mailing out today, express of course, lol! Yes, i definately celebrate it! And, omg, yesss, that would be a gift of a lifetime, i hope Santa is listening!! ;)lol! I was able to see a Speciale A, at Ferrari of Denver this past summer! It was yellow, i took several shots of it, just stunning!! Have a fantastic weekend, West, talk to you soon!:)
Posted:  12/18/2015 15:04:08
Hi Bella I hope you have a very good weekend. The last minute shopping for Xmas should be fun. I hope your finished with yours.(If you celebrate this holiday)I will take a Speciale A in any color if Santa is listening lol.
Posted:  12/18/2015 12:14:54
@MrHOC- Thank you, Kevin!! :)
Posted:  11/23/2015 19:48:47
@Horse-power- Ha, ha West, Yes, you really need to try it, it's sooo much fun! I'm still an ocean girl though, i will take the sun and ocean anyday, over the cold and snow, lol! I can hardly wait to get to Florida again! Take care and have a good week!
Posted:  11/17/2015 12:59:13
Hi Bella sounds like you had a blast! Believe it or not I have never gone skiing or snowboarding. I really need to place this higher on my bucket list! It's a long way from South Beach lol.
Posted:  11/17/2015 11:48:48
@Horse-power- West, i can tell you had a blast!! You got to drive some amazing cars!! I bet you can't wait to get to New Orleans! My weekend was fantastic, did some skiing and the guys were snowboarding as well! Let's get this week over asap, LOL, i'm looking forward to the weekend, again;) Talk soon:)
Posted:  11/16/2015 15:50:55
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