Dodge Viper  |  Spotted in Near Iselin, New Jersey

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Dodge Viper spotted in Near Iselin, New Jersey

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    Near Iselin, New Jersey
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    I spotted this silver Dodge Viper while at a gas station near Iselin. When I got there, he was already pulled over. Most likely for speeding though.
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    silver   dodge   viper   New Jersey   pulled over   cop   police  
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Comments (36 total)
Last year cars started apearing in April. Probably going to be the same this year. The weather isn't too bad right now, but the roads are absolute cr*p. Theres a few owners who're braving the winter weather/roads driving their exotics, but VERY few. The thing is roads don't cleared and pot holes don't get fixed till April/May because the risk of it snowing again. I'm counting down the days though - just over a month to go!
Posted:  02/20/2016 09:41:56
Cost for any Viper over here will always be the second issue, finding a place that imports them is the first issue. Finding a place that is licensed to import Dodge Vipers is extremely difficult, as they are a rare car to come by, hence the high price tag. There is a small dealership in Wairau Valley, and the guy only imports American cars. He imports and sells the majority of 2015/2016 C7 Stingrays, and sells the Dodge Vipers.

Also, it depends on how long the Viper has been owned previously, how much it has been used etc. If it is brand new, first owner, then the price will be way higher than a Viper with 3 previous owners and 75,000 km on the clock. It all depends on if you can negotiate a deal on the day too. Currently, I would say the Vipers would be anywhere from $80,000 - $120,000 in NZ easily, maybe more.

When will Winter end for you, do you know? Any chance of fine weather soon for exotics to come out and play? Or do you just have to wait for the Summer/Spring?
Posted:  02/20/2016 09:34:28
Nice, I see so many Vipers during the summer. Does it cost alot to get them in NZ? Also no, haven't seen much recently because its still winter here in Canada. Snow/ salt/sand/gravel/rocks/ice on the road doesn't bring many cars out.
Posted:  02/20/2016 09:16:25
Yeah haha, cause there's always that one person!!

Anyway, I saw a Viper today actually! Second viper I've ever seen in NZ, and we happened to be following it! I flipped out when i saw it, especially since I pointed it out in a small area! Also saw a 12C, a 458, a Cayman, a Ghibli and rode in a Gallardo LP560-4!! Today was a good day haha :)

Did you spot anything FOSC?
Posted:  02/20/2016 09:08:25
Or someone was being a troll and removed it so it went back to 49. It happens now and then.
Posted:  02/20/2016 09:03:38
There's a high chance that occurred. Or someone just removed their like for some reason.
Posted:  02/20/2016 08:22:34
That probably happend then.
Posted:  02/20/2016 07:50:13
Yes. Removes any likes/favourites they have left on any photos.
Posted:  02/20/2016 07:36:13
Wait.. If someone deletes their account (or gets deleted) it removes their likes???
Posted:  02/20/2016 07:14:51
lol. thank you.

Wonder whether someone deleted their account or deleted their like.

i guess we'll never know.
Posted:  02/20/2016 06:22:50
Gave you the New 50th like :) Went down to 49, so I'll re-add the 50th!
Posted:  02/20/2016 03:31:04
Thank you!

I just wish i had a camera back then.
Posted:  06/10/2015 19:01:09
Gave you 50! Nice find Sam, seeing an exotic pulled over by the police is always cool for a spotter to see!
Posted:  06/10/2015 13:41:55
Thank you!!!

And lol. He was probably speeding though. And he has money to pay for it. But hopefully they didn't repo his car.
Posted:  11/12/2012 21:44:18
Cool shot. I really feel bad for the guy though.
Posted:  11/12/2012 21:39:18
Thank you!!!
Posted:  08/06/2012 22:00:48
Thank you!!!
Posted:  08/06/2012 21:56:30
Perfect timing lol
Posted:  08/06/2012 21:12:42
I regret not getting out of the car for the picture but i have to say it does make it weirder when you have not only the owner watching you (while he's already mad and embarassed) but the police too.

I would know, when i took the picture of the corvette grand sport with the 2 police, both police were sitting there in their car staring at me and watched me walk all the way back to my house too.
Posted:  07/31/2012 17:38:06
Thank you!!!
Posted:  07/31/2012 17:34:05
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