Ariel Atom  |  Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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Ariel Atom spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    Spotted this rare Ariel Atom in Auckland City today. Only Ariel Atom in NZ I believe!
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Comments (22 total)
Thanks Ashoor! And no, I've only ever seen this 1 Ariel Atom. I think there are only 2/3 in NZ, and none are the V8 Model. Hopefully I'll get pleasantly surprised and see one, one day!
Posted:  02/20/2016 07:01:01
Great spot! Have you ever seen the V8 model?
Posted:  02/20/2016 06:37:24
Yes, I visited them last Tuesday. I will upload some photos onto Flickr.
Posted:  11/22/2015 18:17:55
Wow! That's terrible! 20 times and you've never seen one!! That will change! Trust me. I said that to myself last Tuesday when I went spotting that I wouldn't see anything exotic on the road, but boy was I wrong!
Posted:  11/22/2015 17:10:15
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I live in Reading which is about 1 hour away from London. I go spotting in London around once every month. Even though i've been to london like 20 times i've never seen an Atom!
Posted:  11/22/2015 09:09:30
You live in London? Or are area near there? If so, I reckon you'd see a couple round there in central London. How often do you go spotting there btw?
Posted:  11/22/2015 03:49:40
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Ariel Atoms are really rare in my area. Even though they are made in the UK!
Posted:  11/21/2015 18:39:45
Thanks Dan! And really? I'd assume it's because they are really rare? I've seen this particular one 3-4 times now, but that's it. There are 3 in New Zealand I believe, so spotting them is incredibly hard. Hopefully you'll see one soon!
Posted:  11/21/2015 16:51:38
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Insane spot Luke! I have never seen an Ariel Atom before.
Posted:  11/21/2015 08:49:22
I've already had a friend spot the Delorean, and it was in Wellington a couple of days back! It's in Auckland now, so hopefully I will see it tomorrow!!
Posted:  10/05/2015 08:16:10
Oh really! That's cool! I believe this is the only one in Auckland however. There is a Yellow one in Taupo, and I have no clue what the colour of the Wellington Native Atom is. All I know is that they are rare for NZ! Have you heard about the Delorean Time Machine being driven round Auckland recently? It is being used as a taxi for a month, to attract some attention! Hopefully when I go to Auckland this week, I will hopefully see it! It would look great on my page :)
Posted:  10/05/2015 03:45:18
Thanks! Have you had the chance to spot an Ariel Atom yet?
Posted:  09/29/2015 06:20:39
Awesome spot
Posted:  09/29/2015 06:14:46
Oh yeah hahahahaha, still wondering what he was looking at
Posted:  04/11/2015 20:02:41
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keep your eyes on the road.
Posted:  04/11/2015 19:12:48
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Thanks West! Most of your spots, if not all of them have 50+ likes! You're lucky with that but I guess you have greater spots than me!
Posted:  01/27/2015 13:29:44
Well done Luke on this great find reaching 30 plus likes. I hope it goes higher for you.
Posted:  01/27/2015 05:35:07
Honeslty had no idea I would reach 30 likes for the Ariel Atom, but thanks guys ;)
Posted:  01/26/2015 23:15:58
@Lamborarri, yeah, I completely agree with you! It's a fairly crazy car to see here! Also saw the only P1 in the country that day too. Went past the dealership and found it inside! Was super stoked!!
Posted:  01/26/2015 20:08:47
I'm really surprised that there would be such a great car in Auckland! It's not that I think it's a poor town, but this is just way more than I would've ever expected from there. I'm not against this at all though, so nice find!
Posted:  01/26/2015 18:25:48
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