TVR Tuscan  |  Spotted in Sonning Eye, United Kingdom

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TVR Tuscan spotted in Sonning Eye, United Kingdom

Details on This TVR Tuscan:

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    Sonning Eye, United Kingdom
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    A TVR Typhon!! This is one of only three in the world and some people say it is one of the rarest cars in the world! All three are in the UK and appeared at Goodwood a while ago! The Typhon is also apparently the fastest TVR ever built! This is the first ever spot of a Typhon on Exoticspotter as well! I was so surprised to see this beauty parked up at the French Horn in Sonning Eye on Sunday afternoon. Seeing this only 10 minutes away from my house was insane!
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Comments (15 total)
Incredible find!
Posted:  03/26/2020 07:16:23
@lamolover1 I suppose each to their own lol! ( ;
Posted:  11/16/2019 08:15:23
looks retarted!
Posted:  11/07/2019 22:33:29
@Leaf_Soto They are still cool though.

@Gnasher Yep, I definitely wasn't around at the time of the 90s NSX unfortunately lol! They is sooo rare to see them nowadays.
Posted:  09/14/2018 17:15:01
The UK did get the original NSX (i'm old enough to remember them lol) but incredibly rare to see one now.
Posted:  09/14/2018 16:41:11
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Don't feel bad about not getting Acura's. They're just more luxurious Honda's. Like the Infiniti brand. They're just fancy Nissan's and Lexus is Toyota's final form.
Posted:  09/14/2018 15:27:40
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@BugattiBoy We don't get many Vipers over here, but they are still street legal so I have seen the odd one. You have the classic NSX's though and we don't, I really want to see one!

@EoHK Thank you so much!!! : D

@Gnasher It might take a while, but I hope I can lol! This is probably the only one that lives anywhere near me though.
Posted:  09/13/2018 16:16:48
All you've gotta do now is spot the other two, it looks like one is green (chameleon) and the other is light grey.
Posted:  09/13/2018 15:40:55
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this is absolutely unreal, basically the tuscan r, amazing catch
Posted:  09/13/2018 13:44:52
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Eh, Acura is a solid brand with their SUVs but they're not really special. Love the TLX tho xD. We also get the SRT Viper ;)
Posted:  09/13/2018 11:07:13
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@Gnasher Thank You! : D

@BugattiBoy Yeah, it is a shame! I guess you have cars that we don't see here in Europe though, like Acuras. ( ;
Posted:  09/13/2018 06:27:46
It does suck, love to see a TVR in USA :(
Posted:  09/13/2018 00:07:14
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Posted:  09/12/2018 16:54:41
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Thank you! : D

It is unfortunate you don't get TVRs in the USA.
Posted:  09/12/2018 16:16:44
Awesome spot!
I wish I could see one! :)
Posted:  09/12/2018 15:09:38
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