Saleen S7  |  Spotted in Rochester, New York

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Saleen S7 spotted in Rochester, New York

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    Rochester, New York
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    I saw this amazing light grey Saleen S7 Twin Turbo in the parking lot of this car show as the other cars were pulling out. It was not part of the show. There was ANOTHER S7 Twin Turbo inside of the same show!!! That one was silver.
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Comments (28 total)
Dealer plates sometimes mean the car was loaned by a dealer. That was the case with the Murcielargo Roadster i saw.
Posted:  05/27/2014 19:13:29
Well actually they do it to avoid adding a new owner to the vehicle. Dealer's dont count as owners so the count stays low. My car was owned by a dealer and then sold to me after he was tired of it so it still says 1 owner.
Posted:  05/27/2014 19:01:19
Does it really matter though? Some people just do it to avoid taxes
Posted:  05/27/2014 18:55:31
I hate how all our local exotics seem to have dealer plates!
Posted:  05/27/2014 18:53:24
I suppose I will opine since there seems to be quite the tension revolving around this photo. Because the photo does not clearly indicate that it's at a car show, and appears to be a sideways parked supercar at a baseball game, I say it should fly. Not sure about the whole Veyron issue, but Veyrons are common on this site, and if they're not photographed in traffic, I could really care less (though I could care less anyway because I hate Veyrons and think they're ugly). S7s however are truly rare and awesome, and if the photo was taken at a show, the only evidence of that is the admittance of the honest poster. The photo is on the edge, but plenty of other photos remain on this site of lesser cars that are more clearly at events. In the great words of Aristotle: "f*ck off you S7 hating assholes".
Posted:  03/19/2014 00:12:41
Posted:  03/03/2014 15:46:04
The guy with the lambo and the bentley were on dealer plates
Posted:  03/03/2014 15:31:20
Half of the good cars I see are on dealers plates. Some people do that to avoid paying taxes.
Posted:  03/03/2014 15:21:39
Its on dealer plates…. not really the owners car then is it….
Posted:  03/03/2014 15:11:22
totally agree. Nice shot.. should stay up. This whole argument about show spots is silly.. I went to a show that was all classic American muscle cars.. in the lot was a Diablo.. that would have been a total legitimate spot... (if I had a camera).
And personally I don't care if they are inside the show.. as long as they are rare.. wouldn't suggest posting a F360 from a show..
... .. .
Posted:  05/07/2013 12:19:40
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Veneno1854 I got your back, I believe this is a spot and an amazing one at that! I've only seen one and that was at a saleen event in irvine california, I wish I could see another
Posted:  05/06/2013 23:51:13
This car isn't even over by the cars in the show, it's pretty much all by itself... In a parking lot while the show cars are in the grass. As you can see in the background there are cars parked just like this and they aren't part of the show. Nice spot!
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:25:31
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Who the hell you calling crazy?
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:20:27
There was another S7 over in the grass, but you can't see it in this picture. That one is not a spot, but i didn't post it! Where is all this arguing going? This is a legit spot. Is this really affecting everyones' lives in a bad way? Look at the picture, and continue on your business.
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:18:16
Really, Cameron, you're going to believe one of the craziest people on the site? I uploaded that Veyron last August, and I told everybody it was leaving a show, and they said it was okay. They asked and I removed it.
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:17:13
That's a pathetic reason. Honestly, why do you have a problem with spectator cars?
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:16:05
Im not jealous at all of a show pic
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:15:02
There are only two reasons why you're not buying it.

1. You're jealous

2. You're insanely stubborn
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:13:54
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I seriously doubt that it wasn't. Unless the owners other car was a super rare Ferrari, im not buying it
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:12:31
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Thats a guy selling some diecast cars. He put it there so more people would see it when entering the show. Thats called business strategy.
Posted:  05/06/2013 22:12:28
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