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  • Name George
  • Gender Male
  • From Oregon
  • About Me The figurative iron gates guarding what I refer to only as "the Archives" opens slowly as the corrosion of distrust and anxiety yields a deafening screech of resistance. You may now enter the Archives, if you dare... Outside of the gate, you stand in a glorious garden of pure extroversion. Flowers joke, trimmed hedges smile, water features will laugh and play. The garden is immense, but beyond the gate lies a building that appears to be quite small. It is time to enter that building; there are many nice gardens, but this is a strange structure indeed. Squeeze through a very tiny opening near the bottom, and you will find yourself in a dimly lit foyer. You are now in the Archives. Step lightly, for the caretaker may be about, he is not friendly. Within the foyer you see paintings of anger strewn about the floors, some mounted to the walls at odd angles. The paintings are connected to one another by dingy bits of string. And that is all ES will allow me to write about myself.