Saleen S7  |  Spotted in Davenport, Iowa

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Saleen S7 spotted in Davenport, Iowa

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    Davenport, Iowa
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    We were eating at Capriotti's on 53rd when I saw it go by, and about a half hour later he was driving in front of us down Elmore and into a store parking lot where I was able to take a ton of pics of this thing lol. I took so many that I really had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted to upload. There were so many people driving around this car, getting out and taking shots, talking about it, asking me about it, etc, it was quite entertaining. I'd be a nervous wreck leaving a car like this unattended.
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    Saleen S7 Davenport Iowa IA  
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Comments (31 total)
Wow, that means that I have seen 10 percent of all of them ever made at 1 car show!
Posted:  06/15/2013 16:37:33
My sister spotted the blue Gallardo Spyder out last night and was able to grab a shot of it before he turned down a side road, but unfortunately the pic is too small and low res to post up. Hopefully I can grab a shot of it myself one of these days.
Posted:  06/15/2013 16:22:11
Yes, the spyder was blue, and he revved it up so loud for me, my ears melted! But the SL was an 07 type, and bright orange, arancio borealis, i think. Couldn't tell if it had local plates, I saw it on the way to IA city, sure made my day!
Posted:  06/13/2013 23:21:30
Was the Gallardo Spyder blue? I know there's a blue Spyder around here; I've seen him once (FLYING along the river road before LeClaire and it sounded amazing) and my friends say they see him once in a while around the Utica Ridge/53rd area, so I'm assuming he lives around there.

Also, a freaking Superleggera???????? Where? What color? Local plates? Holy sh*t!

And yeah, S7s are ridiculously rare. They make Ford GTs seem about as rare as Shelby GT500s lol. The fact that we have one here just blows my mind.
Posted:  06/13/2013 22:00:31
GREAT SPOT!!! My best spots recently are(all in davenport) as follows , Lamborghini Aventador, Gallardo Spyder, Gallardo(in my spots), and a Gallardo Superleggera, no shots though, but HUGE congrats on seeing this, and they're really that rare? I thought the S7 was about as rare as the Ford GT, but that makes this even more of a treat! Like and fav!
Posted:  06/12/2013 23:52:20
I want to see one so bad! Great spot!
Posted:  06/12/2013 09:20:28
Cool. Madison area? That's where I wish I lived. Anyways I hope you see some nice cars, at least it will be nice out! I wonder how much he takes his Saleen out?
Posted:  06/07/2013 15:32:18
@matgro1 Can't believe it. I wish I was able to afford that car.

@davisvehicles Enjoy it while it lasts!!! LOL!
Posted:  06/07/2013 09:03:30
HA! Finally milwaukee beat chicago in something. LOL
Posted:  06/06/2013 20:02:26
Chicago, IIRC there aren't any, only the one for sale at Perillo. There used to be a silver one but that sold years ago.
Posted:  06/06/2013 17:57:41
@saleen89559 Do you know if there are any Saleens in Chicago or Illinois? I know there is one for sale but I'm not sure the car is originally from Illinois.
Posted:  06/06/2013 17:55:11
Saleen, thanks for the tips. Finally know for sure there are two in Milwaukee! Also, are you located in milwaukee? That would be sweet to have another spotter here! I really want to see one of them!
Posted:  06/06/2013 17:29:09
HOLY cr*p! Amazing spot! There are rumored to be two in Milwaukee, but I have yet to see one.
Posted:  06/03/2013 17:59:47
I saw a silver one, and a light grey one. Do you know how many they made in those colors?
Posted:  06/03/2013 17:43:50
Both of the ones that I saw were TTs. And one of them was in pearl white, and was the only one in that color. Best day of my life lol
Posted:  06/03/2013 17:09:06
Only 20 Twin Turbos? Wow!!! I saw 2 of them at one car show!!!!!
Posted:  06/03/2013 10:40:18
Amazing find and nice shot! Definite L/F. This is 1 car I probably will never see.
Posted:  06/03/2013 10:31:36
There's a yellow Saleen up for sale at Perillo Gold Coast here in Chicago.

This car is amazing. I love everything about it.

Posted:  06/03/2013 07:39:18
Very rare spot
Posted:  06/03/2013 06:52:23
Should've waited for the owner! LOL
Posted:  06/03/2013 00:08:03
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