Rolls-Royce Phantom  |  Spotted in Calgary, Canada

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Rolls-Royce Phantom spotted in Calgary, Canada

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    Calgary, Canada
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    Spotted in downtown Calgary.
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    Rolls-Royce Phantom  
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Comments (6 total)
LOL bro this guy is just tooo much reading that snippet really took me back to when this site was still a disaster but Kenny seemed to have a blast living this dream life which never existed... My favourite line from all of that

"Yes, I don't post any photos of my cars here because I know for a fact that a couple of my senior managers are members of this site but they don't know I am on this site and I don't want them to know what cars my parents or I have."

Yeah OKAY buddy... I'd pay good money just to see what this kid looked like I bet it'd be a hell of a chuckle...

Kenny (or which ever personality you go by at the moment) if you're reading this... This is what I imagine you look like:
Posted:  09/21/2020 12:59:07
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@FahhQu It's funny that his gender swapped sugar baby account still mentions that (s)he is an independent and hard-working person in the personal statement despite being a sugar baby.
Sounds familiar? Check what the sugar daddy himself posted four years ago, he really knows what personalities he should highlight: It seems he will always mention the following words: Hard-working (they even consider this as cliche in most job interviews nowadays), independent, rich and success, and VANCOUVER. The character he plays are either successful middle age dudes or some young and hard-working university students lmao.
Posted:  09/19/2020 03:38:39
LOLLLL what a sorry sack of....
Posted:  09/18/2020 19:16:49

These screenshots show most of the statements that Kenny's new accounts have made since the V12 Urus incident back in Jan 2019. It seems he really regretted deleting his account back then (Well, he spent more than five years to pretend that he is somebody on this dead website lmao)
Posted:  09/18/2020 18:54:24
DAMNNNNIT I missed his comeback from retirement?!?!?! Sorry man would have loved to tag onto this clown's appearance. I bet he still comes back without logging in to see the comments so Kenny if you're reading this... You sir are a clown LOL
Posted:  09/18/2020 13:16:18
@VancouverPES Interesting, does he also have a V12 Urus?
Someone from Bellingham, Washington might have also spotted your sugar daddy's garage in Vancouver a year ago, cuz he mentioned it also have some giant Rolls-Royce parked at the front door and it's also an enormous detachable building behind the mansion. But too bad that account also disappeared like the others who saw these cars. What a small world, it seems many new accounts that just joined this website will eventually run into that guy in Vancouver isn't it? Oh and was he on this site before by the name of Kenny? If you ask him and if you're not the same person, he's definitely gonna say yes eh? Am I right, Miss Kenny?


This time he (or I shall say, she) didn't even reply me and deleted his account once again. A year after the last time he gets humiliated, Kenny finally made another attempt to return to this dead website but was gone in a second after getting mentioned again. I thought he's gonna make some threats at least, saying that there are some contract killers (Sent by Catherine (Miss Kenny)'s sugar daddy, aka himself) coming to my place to get my ass before he deletes his account but oh well.

And also this account didn't claim that he is Donald Trump, but swapped his gender and pretends to be a slutty girl named Catherine while "subtly" mentions that her sugar daddy has all the luxury stuffs in Vancouver. I have to say this surprised me a little bit, and it gave me a good laugh since it's way too creative for one person to become the sugar daddy of himself while swapping his gender at the same time. I just can't wait to see what character that he is gonna play for the next time.
Posted:  09/18/2020 03:24:12
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