Proto Spirra

Proto Spirra is a Korean sports car. It is also known as the Oullim Spirra. Han-chul Kim originally envisioned the Spirra in the 1990s while working at Ssangyong Motors. Kim left Ssangyong Motors and founded Proto Motors with his wife. The car, codenamed PS-II was originally designed to be a mid-engine, rear wheel drive using a 4.6 V8 32V engine producing 320 horsepower. 0-60 was to be about 4 seconds with a top speed of about 200MPH.

The Spirra was unveiled at the 2004 Beijing Motor Show, but failed to gain enough funding. Kim met Dong-Hyuk Park who was an automotive enthusiast, successful entrepreneur, and founder of Oullim Motors. In 2007, Oullim Motors acquired Proto Motors. The Spirra has been in production since 2008. The Spirra is available in EX, T, S, N, Iconic, Cregit N, Cregit Turbo, and Cregit EX trims. Price varies but typically range from $74,000-$175,000. An electric Spirra in the works, and a racing version was built to compete in the 2008 KGTM Tour.

Credits: AlpinaYLO
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