Other Other  |  Spotted in Monterey, California

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Other Other spotted in Monterey, California

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    Monterey, California
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    PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING. I know it's not a Zenvo ST1. I wanted this photo to be featured because be honest. If you saw this too, you'd want more people to see it. I didn't want to put it under Other Other. But yeah, this was the only shot I could get of the Lykan in the wild. It's absolutely insane.
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Comments (14 total)
Damn..... gifted to you that you can take a pic of Lykan Hypersport
Posted:  11/11/2015 00:51:39
Great night shot! Better than I could do at any rate.
Posted:  08/26/2015 22:37:00
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Nice Night Shot !
Posted:  08/25/2015 14:03:20
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I also agree with CanvasRider, even if I understand your reason. BTW Nice Zenvo ST1 :))!
@Geoff: That's why the "feature thing " shouldn't exist. You can also have a picture of a 911 that looks fantastic and that is worth to be seen by other people.
(I hope that there will nobody telling me that will i am harassing people and mixing up bushes and Porsches 911s...)
Posted:  08/25/2015 06:37:17
sh*t happens. Trust me life isn't fair
Posted:  08/25/2015 00:24:02
I contacted the administrator on this and a few other issues. Hopefully he responds.
Posted:  08/24/2015 20:29:48
I can respect that view too, I honestly don't know what the answer is. It's a tricky issue. Is there any possible way to contact the administrators?
Posted:  08/24/2015 20:22:34
I dont know how anything is gained by hiding this car in the ES Basement. Everyone knows this is an epic find, not a Polo Gti in the veyron section. Everyone knows the admins don't have the resources to do everything needed to update and maintain the site. If a Lykan category is ever created it can be moved from here just as easily as from Other.
Posted:  08/24/2015 20:07:59
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I have to agree with Canvas Rider here. But that is just my opinion.
Posted:  08/24/2015 20:03:34
Put it under other other and would've been featured. I'd really like people to see all of my shots, so should i put them all under veyron?
Posted:  08/24/2015 19:09:31
Great catch!
Posted:  08/24/2015 17:54:16
Ugh i hate iphoneographers...
Posted:  08/24/2015 17:39:37
It really does. And there were these a***ole photographers shooting video with their phones while the guy driving the Lykan was parking. They had their flash on and it was shining right in the driver's face.
Posted:  08/24/2015 17:36:52
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That sucks that you couldnt get a shot during the day.
Posted:  08/24/2015 17:28:36
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