Other Other  |  Spotted in Carmel, California

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Other Other spotted in Carmel, California

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    Carmel, California
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    VLF Force 1 V10 designed by Henrik Fisker!!! An American super serving with a Dodge Viper engine spotted driving on Ocean Avenue.
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Comments (20 total)
or just make a site where all pics or cars are welcome!
Posted:  09/09/2018 18:45:20
Thank you for understanding :D
Anyways there are other people who upload dealership/event spots and get rejected, it's not only you (trust me, lol ;). But I agree, somebody should make a site like exoticspotter but only for dealers and events!
Posted:  09/09/2018 18:18:20
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i get what your saying :) but there are many pics on this site that are at car events!

and i don't understand why they are singling me out! :.(

like the huracan peformante spyder white w/ green ascents under the exotic car page
Posted:  09/09/2018 18:06:12
Well, at an event, you have prior knowledge to exotic cars being there. This basically goes against everything spottimg in the wild is about, which is the point of this site. Hope you understand c:
Posted:  09/09/2018 17:21:03
so remind me why it is bad that the cars are at a event? isn't this site all about spotting cool cars? and that is exactly what i did there!
Posted:  09/09/2018 16:41:03
The cars are still at an event.
Posted:  09/08/2018 23:41:51
Posted:  09/08/2018 22:40:50
so what if they where cruising through a car show and i snapped a pic of them! what is wrong with that!
Posted:  09/08/2018 22:03:18
@Marylandspotter: Rules are rules. The cars were clearly inside the show and cannot be accepted.
Posted:  09/08/2018 22:01:50
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i mean what is the harm of posting a pic from a car show? :.(
Posted:  09/08/2018 22:01:22
they should change the rules!!! car shows should be fair game!!!
Posted:  09/08/2018 22:00:39
he said i couldn't post a photo cause it had a cool car in the background and therefore it was a car show!!!
Posted:  09/08/2018 22:00:01
the "moderator" can be a real dick sometimes :(
Posted:  09/08/2018 21:58:54
check out some of my other stuff!
Posted:  09/08/2018 21:58:28
true facc
Posted:  09/08/2018 21:46:43
but the champagne!!! :)
Posted:  09/08/2018 21:32:02
If you can own one of these you can probably afford 13 other supercars as well
Posted:  09/08/2018 18:35:05
i have been lucky enough to actually see one of these things in real life they are stunning / i know someone who owns one ... he also owns 13 other sport/track/super cars...

fun fact: the car COMES WITH 2 bottles of champagne of your choice! and every force 1 V10 comes with 2 champagne holders in between the seats! :)
Posted:  09/08/2018 18:32:16
Wow, never heard of this car! Seems to be an awesome car. Sort of looks like an AMG GT. Henrik Fisker is a legend.
Posted:  09/04/2018 19:25:17
It's nice to see more VLF's which only validate his usefulness.
Posted:  09/04/2018 15:43:44
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