Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series  |  Spotted in Madison, New Jersey

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Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series spotted in Madison, New Jersey

Details on This Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series:

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    Madison, New Jersey
  • Description
    My second time seeing this beast, both times I've seen it they've been about a block away from each other, spotted with my friend a while back while we were killing time before a movie. This car looks good from any angle and I'm looking forward to seeing it again soon. My other picture of the C63 Black is 10th highest on all time highest rated for these so let's see if we could get this one any higher thanks!!
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Comments (22 total)
51. nice spot!!
Posted:  12/21/2014 09:46:19
Just gorgeus!
Posted:  06/08/2014 16:57:29
Simply stunning ! Nothing more to say/add !
Posted:  05/18/2014 15:03:03
Since I've way over-posted on this photo already, I guess I'll point out that many of my other comments have been sexual on this site, but in pertinence to GoPro's comment, herpes can be transmitted orally without contact. Using the same drinking glass or chap-stick can do it, which is why herpes is so prevalent in the world, affecting over 10% of the global population. So in the future, I'll think about limiting my sexually stimulated comments because of your polite request, but herpes will remain in my vocabulary arsenal.
Posted:  05/11/2014 01:17:50
You don't have to read the comments Cad. Given your abysmal (means bad) grammar, I'm surprised you know how to read at all.
Posted:  05/11/2014 01:12:41
it anger we just dont like some random bitches ruining the site. i wanna come on here and look at some cool cars not some dude bitching at people on every picture they post
Posted:  05/11/2014 00:17:23
 1 like
Now that's some anger:)
Posted:  05/10/2014 21:49:50
Yeah like actually guys I saw his comments and I was just like jeez
Posted:  05/10/2014 21:20:01
ointment ur name alone is gross. u sound like a f**in b*tch and not a car guy. nice big wrds outlandish Smh homo
Posted:  05/10/2014 19:34:03
You really need to calm down you're way to mad for this
Posted:  05/09/2014 18:14:13
I've abused plenty of things today but I'd hardly count my comments as one. How does vaguely knowing production numbers and using outlandish comparisons make me abusive? BTW, that's a rhetorical question, I don't actually want you to respond to this comment because your lack of intelligence bores me.
Posted:  05/09/2014 16:54:34
...aaaand reported for abuse
Posted:  05/09/2014 16:29:57
Didn't they make 800 or so of these? That makes it about as rare as herpes. Extreme? Cutting floral designs into watermelons is extreme. This is just one more Black Series of the most boring Benz variety. If Clarkson owns one, it's just further proof that they're designed for massive brainless sacks of sh*t who think driving sideways is impressive. I agree they're cool, but my God, there are Carrera GTs, F12s, Mucrielago SVs all over on this sight, which are about as rare, and far cooler than a C63 AMG Black.
Posted:  05/09/2014 15:34:13
He had a CLK63 Black not a C63 Black, the CLK is just the predecessor to the C
Posted:  05/09/2014 15:26:14
Doesn't Jeremy Clarkson have one?
Posted:  05/09/2014 14:44:30
well im pretty sure theyre kind of rare and definitely really fricken cool thats why i think they are
Posted:  05/09/2014 10:48:37
Because they're low production extreme versions of AMGs :D
Posted:  05/09/2014 10:39:46
What is it about these that makes them so cool that makes them have such high ratings?
Posted:  05/09/2014 10:21:16
@hyoung yeah some of my posts that I think should be featured aren't sometimes just post more haah and sumo yeah it kind of looks like the older CLK Black when it doesn't have the wing
Posted:  05/09/2014 05:56:43
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