Mclaren F1  |  Spotted in Carmel, California

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Mclaren F1 spotted in Carmel, California

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    Carmel, California
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    McLaren F1 sitting on Ocean Ave. More photos here -->
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    McLaren F1 Carmel Car Week  
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Comments (78 total)
Okay. I'll get that too
Posted:  01/23/2013 16:57:11
Not just the name (rather irrelevant), but just information in general about the car.
Posted:  01/23/2013 16:53:44
I'll be taking as many photos as i can. And i'll be sure to get every model name.

Too bad the guy sold his 300SL though. I've always wanted to see a gullwing car with the doors open.
Posted:  01/23/2013 16:46:40
same veyron fan
Posted:  01/23/2013 16:01:33
Im on r8lovers side about the Duesenberg
Posted:  01/23/2013 16:00:17
Sam, please take many photos for me, and try to get information on them.
Posted:  01/23/2013 11:25:20
@zackistan, i'm being introduced to that guy this summer by a family friend. They promised to take me to the garage.
Posted:  01/23/2013 11:01:37
Before joining I would've had no idea what a dusenberg was. has been so helpful!
Posted:  01/23/2013 10:54:45
Lucky man. One of my friend's dads had a couple of Duesenberg IIs.
Posted:  01/23/2013 10:51:47
I've only seen four Duesenbergs. You and he are lucky.
Posted:  01/23/2013 10:48:04
I'll just put a carbon fiber body on it. It'll be exactly like the original though just lighter and cooler.
Posted:  01/23/2013 10:21:45
Thank you with teh Duesenberg, but just no with the 300SL or E-Type.
Posted:  01/22/2013 23:11:58
Although i still find the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic to be the best looking car of all time, the Duesenburgs are high up on my scale. Much higher than any ferrari or lamborghini or rolls royce.

And i wouldn't modify it. Lol.

I'll save the mods for an E-Type or 300SL.
Posted:  01/22/2013 23:11:29
Haha, you know you secretly love it. You just don't want to admit it. Although the 250 California is beautiful.
Posted:  01/22/2013 23:03:03
The casing looks better. And the Duesenberg SJ (depending on the coach-builder) is the best looking car ever, end of story.
Posted:  01/22/2013 22:58:25
This is blasphamy. It is simply the greatest car of all time.
Posted:  01/22/2013 22:53:12
I'd much rather have a Duesenberg too. This is one of the few times I agree with Sam.

@Sam Please tell me you won't customize it.
Posted:  01/22/2013 22:44:58
I'd much rather a duesenburg
Posted:  01/22/2013 22:38:42
Did you just ask that question? They made simply the best looking cars of all time. Their goal with the Model J (best, and last model) was the make the fastest and most expensive car in the world, which they did achieve.
Posted:  01/22/2013 22:31:41
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