Lamborghini Murcielago  |  Spotted in Miami, Florida

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Lamborghini Murcielago spotted in Miami, Florida

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    Miami, Florida
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    Spotted this sexy Italian behind us...with a Murcielago. ;)
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Comments (40 total)
That's it. I'm moving to Miami lol
Posted:  11/14/2014 00:35:41
nice. video link??
Posted:  07/19/2014 22:40:56
Posted:  07/19/2014 22:22:26
Yah, there's a fine line between cool and tacky
Posted:  07/19/2014 22:19:23
I kinda like the LEDs here but in the video they went too far. This is just one modification, and in the video they went crazy. I think that these are ok, but people should stop fighting about this. It is not a big deal.
Posted:  07/19/2014 22:14:59
I think they look good here!
Posted:  03/20/2014 18:23:55
Neon underglow is the way to go
Posted:  08/25/2013 21:39:49
Haha, I do know what you mean. When it comes to decals, I think some people use them to add a personal "one-off" touch to their cars. What some are thinking when they add other accessories like the ones you mentioned is beyond me.
Posted:  03/18/2013 15:19:27
I like lights and vinyls on Diablos and countaches thouh
Posted:  03/18/2013 15:02:40

Okay, that YouTube video is just downright stupid ... Those guys have NO TASTE, they made their Lamborghini look like a rice-boy Civic. Those are WAY BEYOND having LED, those guys have undercarriage neon kits, and neon bars inside and outside, ... which are illegal in Canada.

When you drive a $ 500,000 exotic, the last thing you want to project is like you're some 16-years old punk kid, and that is what those guys in Japan are projecting.

Don't get me wrong, I had my days of undercarriage neon kit, etc... but that was when I was less than 20 years old, and driving a Suzuki Forenza ( the actual car I had was an Optra SS, not available in USA ), then when I sold that car 3 years & 25k modification later, I told myself that my days of having neon in my vehicle is over, I had my days of youth and fun, if you know what I mean.

Now at 34 years old, all four of my cars are designed for elegance, luxury, and sport, the image I want to project is that " Yes, I made it good ! " ... The only car I have with some exterior LED lighting ( other than the ones from factory ) is my Golf GTI with that LED lighting I described above.

Also what is with those stupid exterior decals ??? ... IMO, decals on any vehicles should be only for those marketing vehicles ( company vehicles ). Even on my Golf, the only badges / decals I have are

1) All of the factory VW badges
2) Euro " R " badge on the rear
3) Euro " R-Line " badge on each of the front fender
4) An " Unitronic-Equipped " badge on the rear
5) An " Unitronic-Equipped " decal on each of the rear triangle window
6) " PG Performance " windshield banner - PG Performance is my local VW performance shop
Posted:  03/18/2013 14:21:26
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Yeah, especially the blue one with the collored lamborghini bull vinyls. I was watching that video like 3 times last night.
Posted:  03/17/2013 10:47:03
haha, I knew you of all people would like them (:
Posted:  03/17/2013 10:34:57
Those are the best diablos
Posted:  03/17/2013 10:27:49
I see what your saying now, I guess I was thinking about these....
Posted:  03/17/2013 08:02:17

Even on the side of the car is okay or not okay depending on where it is.

For example, I did something similar like this S-Class ( ) on my 2010 VW Golf GTI. The LED facing downwards ain't on while driving, but when I open the door, they will come on for 30 secs, and the same when I press the " Unlock " button on my remote. I have friends who put LED in their side mirrors ( actually integrate into the mirrors, not just stick it on ), and they are wired to their turn indicators, those are fine, IMO, as well. But then I had seen people put LED around the windows, and other weird locations around their vehicle. Some people overkill with the whole LED thing !
Posted:  03/17/2013 00:31:45
I like lights everywhere on cars like this
Posted:  03/16/2013 22:05:13
I agree, I hate it when people tack lights onto the side of their cars.
Posted:  03/16/2013 21:55:24
The LED strip, IMO, looks okay ... To me, those aftermarket LED looks stupid or/and weird when people starts putting them in weird locations on their vehicle that looks so out of place.
Posted:  03/16/2013 20:49:44
Posted:  01/18/2013 16:08:16
I actually love this shot.
Probably one of my favorites you've taken
Posted:  01/17/2013 21:58:49
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