Lamborghini Gallardo  |  Spotted in Wayne, New Jersey

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Lamborghini Gallardo spotted in Wayne, New Jersey

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    Wayne, New Jersey
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    This Gallardo was rolling along on route 23 in Wayne, NJ. I know, I know, not my best shot. I need advice though. What could I do to reduce the slight blur towards the front of the car? Any tips appreciated.
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    lamborghini   gallardo   spyder   wayne   nj   new jersey  
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Comments (19 total)
Awesome Lambo!
Posted:  08/22/2014 14:42:41
Sweet rims!
Posted:  08/22/2014 14:36:40
Brian a fast moving Lambo driving down the street is a cool find. To be able to shoot it on the fly, and for the shot to look this good says a lot about your talent behind the camera!
Posted:  10/01/2013 18:53:25
nah it was at a place that i don't feel it legal to post pics of so i didn't take any. It looked awesome though
Posted:  09/29/2013 09:23:53
Damn, that's pretty far away lol any photos?
Posted:  09/28/2013 21:09:16
i saw this guy at the detail doctor yesterday
Posted:  09/28/2013 21:00:12
They're tough to pull off (this was the best shot out of about 6 or 7) but they're very rewarding when they come out well.
Posted:  09/23/2013 20:19:17
Exactly. When my shutter speed for non-moving cars is between 1/400 - 1/1100, it's either 100 or 200 ISO.
Posted:  09/17/2013 17:31:08
I feel like 1/2000 would require a rather high ISO, and that would bring noise into the picture.
Posted:  09/17/2013 15:33:25
Ohh. And Matt, I think that's WAY too fast. For my best panning shots I do 1/40. For still shots of non-moving cars, it ranges from 1/400 - 1/1100. For a good, decent panning shot that wouldn't screw up, try 1/100. But for a car like this and you don't want it moving, listen to Matt. =)
Posted:  09/17/2013 07:33:33
Damn, that is way faster than what I've been using. Alright I'll try it out next time, thanks for the tip dude!
Posted:  09/16/2013 20:24:00
awesome shot man, the color combo is sick. I put my setting to TV, 1/1600-2000 for motion and sometimes that helps me get shots when a car is cruising by, but it still doesnt come out perfect most of the time. I hope that helps
Posted:  09/16/2013 18:16:53
Thanks Brendon! Yeah, I don't mean fix that through editing lol I meant what I could do while taking the photo to reduce the blur. Also, this wasn't a panning shot. This car was driving at that distance pretty steadily.
Posted:  09/16/2013 15:13:29
Great shot! Unfortunately there isn't an editing program that can fix that. But the panning effort is awesome.
Posted:  09/16/2013 11:31:20
Thanks you guys!

@Lamplighter, there was also a huge convoy going the opposite direction a few minutes after I saw this. Another red gallardo, f355, gt500, m3, and a couple other sports cars.

@Shane, thanks, but damnit man that blur pisses me off lol just like that maserati granturismo photo..there has to be something that can be done..idk
Posted:  09/15/2013 19:58:08
Great picture!
@Lamplighter87, what team do you play for?
Posted:  09/15/2013 19:57:16
Sweet find! Agree the wheels actually don't look too bad! I've seen two like this, one yellow and one green ;)
Posted:  09/15/2013 19:53:14
Great shot!
Posted:  09/15/2013 19:51:23
I don't think there's much you can do about the blur, but I still really like the shot! Those wheels are sweet. Great spot!
Posted:  09/15/2013 19:50:25
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