Lamborghini Gallardo  |  Spotted in Rahway, New Jersey

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Lamborghini Gallardo spotted in Rahway, New Jersey

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    Rahway, New Jersey
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    An amazing Performante at Rahway hospital. The owner was sitting neerby and when he saw me taking pictures he came over and asked me if i liked his car, so we talked for a little. He then held out his keys and said "Do you want it?" I was like definately so i reached for the keys and then he pulled them away and laughed. lol :(
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    Black   Performante   New Jersey  
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Comments (26 total)
I've gotten to ride in a ford gt, 2013 viper, Gt3, an older 911, and a detamoso pantera.
Posted:  11/19/2013 00:53:30
I was in My uncle's Porsche Turbo S Cab. carbon edition and he launched it.
Posted:  09/01/2012 20:14:08
My friend went 180 in a Murcielago on runway.
Posted:  09/01/2012 19:56:05
I've sat in an elise (sooo hard to get in and out of) and an E-Type (which was one of the coolest things ever because they're in my top 5 most beautifully designed cars ever)
Posted:  08/10/2012 20:51:58
And i rode at about 100MPH in a Z06 when i was younger and i've gotten to ride in a prowler too.
Posted:  08/10/2012 20:48:58
I love the FRS!!!

@lambolover, same here when i get one.
Posted:  08/10/2012 20:47:23
@rock-star-legend, oh.
Posted:  08/10/2012 20:38:51
That would've made me sooooo mad if anyone did that to me. I would've deleted them for him then take a ton more pictures right when he was watching and ran. Good thing he isn't there anymore.
Posted:  08/10/2012 20:26:47
it was a year ago but he was just like dont do that without the owners permision and i was like yeah right, then i filmed him pulling out to piss him off even more
Posted:  08/10/2012 12:23:38
@FerrariF4 0, i would have told him i was going to sell the pictures to the police and advertisements now.
Posted:  08/10/2012 12:13:20
well he came out of the store and yelled at me
Posted:  08/10/2012 12:08:57
If you start a conversation with them they wont yell at you.
Posted:  08/10/2012 12:04:30
the only time i met an exotic ower was when he yelled t me for takeing pics of his sls
Posted:  08/10/2012 11:21:13
Oh. I know. continue with the conversation. Dont mind me.
Posted:  08/10/2012 01:07:39
Another video games thread. Lol
Posted:  08/10/2012 00:52:18
thanks andrew
Posted:  08/10/2012 00:48:49
Yeh forza 4 is definately better than gt5 cuz gt5 doesnt really feel like your driving to me it feels like your sortta sliding it's hard to explain.
Posted:  08/10/2012 00:40:23
yeh the demo doesnt have a lot and i the ull game doesnt have an s7, but its the best game you can buy it gamestop.
Posted:  08/10/2012 00:35:56
Yeh rock star legend most that i met are nice besides 2 ferrari owners and bentley owner.
Posted:  08/10/2012 00:34:35
well you gotta see one there nice probably second nicest audi, imo
Posted:  08/10/2012 00:32:20
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