Lamborghini Gallardo  |  Spotted in Louisville, Kentucky

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Lamborghini Gallardo spotted in Louisville, Kentucky

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    Louisville, Kentucky
  • Description
    Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder driving near the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center. Followed it until it pulled into Value City Furniture where I got these pictures.
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    lamborghini gallardo spyder yellow louisville ky kentucky  
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Comments (64 total)
havent said this yet, but nice shot. IMO this pic is better than the other one..
Posted:  10/31/2013 10:36:47
Posted:  07/30/2013 10:19:50
No you never do
Posted:  07/29/2013 14:20:08
because he flooded the site and got yellled at...
Posted:  06/03/2013 16:11:58
Posted:  06/03/2013 14:42:16
Not until you said
Posted:  06/03/2013 09:55:27
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I know haha.
Posted:  05/20/2013 15:13:34
Lol, that was from three months ago.
Posted:  05/20/2013 15:10:58
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Wow I just now saw that! Thanks Nick!
Posted:  05/20/2013 15:09:09
Posted:  05/02/2013 18:34:17
And you thought I was commenting on the other picture...
Posted:  05/02/2013 17:55:06
can you stop now?

it never really been funny
Posted:  04/29/2013 14:53:10
Posted:  04/28/2013 20:45:43
I think ive really improved
Posted:  03/03/2013 22:25:59
me neither : (
Posted:  02/20/2013 13:03:50
I dont get a spot on the list?
Posted:  02/19/2013 20:24:42
Alright, here's my list:

(I'll be calling everybody by usernames so it doesn't get too personal.)

**Remember, PLEASE DO NOT be offended. We are trying to change this site for the better.

1. Ferrari F40, you used to be a funny guy who would make hilarious jokes for others' enjoyment. Now, you use those jokes to hurt others' feelings or be offensive in order to make the people who are also have the same views on the situation as you laugh. What's the fun in that? All it does is make you look like a jerk. I will admit, some of them are still funny, but it's not nearly as good as it was before. Also, you have been extremely anti-American. It offends the majority of the website because most of Exotic Spotter is inhabited by American spotters. Try and go back to the way you were; the way you were on your old account.

2. Lamboshane, you used to be a person who would always encourage people on the site; complimenting their spots and having positive things to say. In recent days, it has not been that way. You and Teresa have been bickering and the situation keeps being brought up. I know you're a great person and that there have been times recently where we've disagreed with each other, but that can all be forgotten. If we keep a positive attitude on this site toward other people, those people will be friendly to you in return.

3. FanOfSuperCars, you were respected in the beginning. Putting aside the fact that you are tortured by people who want you to upload photos, you were a good member of the community by commenting and being active. There's not much to say for you, but it would make people very happy if you proved all of the people who don't think you have any spots wrong. Also, don't think I'm begging for pictures, I just think it would help people respect you more. Try to be more supportive of people by commenting on their pictures and such.

4. Rivibird, I think I have gained respect for you over the recent months. To be honest, I'm not sure how much I liked you when you were posting pictures of cars leaving the Greenwich Concours, but I feel like you've come a long way since then. You are well respected, there is nobody that I know of that dislikes you, and you are a very active and supporting member of this community. I thank you. Well done, my friend.

5. Davis313, We were great pals in the beginning, but ever since your shenanigans, you have not been as well respected by the community. You were very liked and had a high approval rating. When all of that stuff was going on, your approval rating dropped like a rock. You are rapidly gaining respect back by us, but try and be more active and post some more pictures. Glad that you didn't leave after everything that happened, but never let something like that happen again. Keep on gaining your respect back, you're doing a good job at it.

6. Supercars513, you've changed phenomenally in a good way. In the beginning, we as a community had very low respect for you. You've come a long way, and we are extremely happy to be able to say that you aren't even the same person that you used to be. You don't post cr*p anymore, you post high quality, good spots. Keep it up man, you're doing a fantastic job!

7. Rock-Star-Legend, you've improved. You used to be a very degrading, mean sort of person. You've definitely changed and you broadcast your opinion in a nicer way than you used to. You're not nearly as harsh as you used to be, and I'm very happy for that.

8. Bestcarspotter, we've noticed some improvement out of you. Nicer pictures, and no more Cars & Coffee pictures. Keep it up! Try to be more active in the community.

9. Zonka81, if you end up staying around Exotic Spotter, you have some MAJOR improving to do. Don't be so degrading, harsh, and don't antagonize people. And most important of all, stop creating arguments. Arguments are driving this site into the ground and that's why we are doing what we are doing; we're all being mean to each other on occasion, and mostly everyone who is active in the community is involved. Don't be so demeaning anymore. If we see some extreme improvement out of you, you may be accepted back into this community as a spotter. But your improvement needs to happen very quick, or nothing is going to get better.
Posted:  02/19/2013 20:04:56
seriously, stop now

its really gay
Posted:  02/19/2013 17:12:43
I guess if you're reading ths I tricked you...
Posted:  02/19/2013 17:07:48
okay. please stop now
Posted:  02/18/2013 21:06:03
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