Lamborghini Diablo  |  Spotted in Alpharetta, Georgia

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Lamborghini Diablo spotted in Alpharetta, Georgia

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    Alpharetta, Georgia
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    Oh she looks so good from the rear. Especially parked on my neighbors driveway.!!!
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    Lamborghini   Diablo   Red   Alpharetta   Georgia   USA  
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Comments (12 total)
It will be up in 5 minutes
Posted:  01/24/2013 23:14:38
It isn't n the wild, I knew it was there, and I was just lucky to see it. The sticker price says 675,000
Posted:  01/24/2013 23:14:15
Yeah. You cant disagree with 30/6
Posted:  01/24/2013 23:00:14
Also, I will be posting a shot of an Enzo that I took two weeks ago. It also violates the rules, with authority, but is awesome and I want you to see it. It still has the original sales sticker stuck in the window.
Posted:  01/24/2013 22:59:25
Well, here's the thing... I was too lazy to read the rules and I thnk zonka is right. It clearly states no driveways. And though there will always be exceptions to the rule I'm not sure this is it. If we don't keep within the realm of what the site is set up for then it becomes just another photo web site. I thnk I will take it down and some others that don't keep within the rules of exotic spotters.
Posted:  01/24/2013 22:57:14
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Great spot!!!
I find it perfectly legit
Posted:  01/23/2013 22:59:47
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I really appreciate all the feedback. Ricolovely says the third rule... I haven't looked very thoroughly but, where are the rules?
Posted:  01/23/2013 22:51:03
haters gonna hate! :P lovely rear shot tho..dont like the colour,as it makes the diablo look..old :/ :)
Posted:  01/23/2013 20:31:12
Nice shot! Absolutely love the Diablo
Posted:  01/23/2013 20:27:20
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@zonka81... Who gives a cr*p really? Its just a car website not some top secret mission type of deal. people that make a big deals like this SMH.
Posted:  01/23/2013 20:14:50
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It is completely legit Zonka, and these are extremely rare in Atlanta! Great spot! Liked and Faved
Posted:  01/23/2013 19:49:45
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It is absolutely legit, there is no question that this is a Lamborghini Diablo. If you mean that this photo shouldn't be posted here due to the nature of its location, then that is different and is for the administrators to decide.

#1 I was unaware that driveways weren't allowed.... makes no sense if I saw a veyron in someones driveway THAT I DID NOT KNOW, why wouldn't I photograph it? What if it wasn't his? I guess any parked supercar is off limits? What if it is in storage, or a boutique? Technically the parking in front of the casino in Monaco is a parking area so those don't count as well? My mistake... I didn't get the rulebook.

#2 How in the HELL would I know it was going to be there? I don't know this guy, he lives a mile from me... how the HELL would I know when he was going to put it out? Saying I knew it would be there is like saying you can only go to the casino at Monaco once because you know that some sweet cars will be there.

#3 If I'm not mistaken, Exotic spotter allows TWO (2) pictures of each car to be uploaded. Not ONE, TWO! so that is number two. At least when I am uploading it asks that I keep the photos to Two (2) per car. PLUS you have FOUR (4) pictures of a black lambo Diablo, 2 with the same plate number (one or none remember?) and 3 of them are parked, AND ON DIFFERENT DATES!!!!! LIKE YOU KNEW IT WOULD BE THERE!!.

And, if you had a problem with this picture, why didn't you post your concerns when I posted the profile picture of the Diablo?

Lastly, do not dictate to me or any other member, that I should upload one or none or any other number. You are way out of line telling me "just upload one or none".

But alas, you are from Minnesota and I was born and raised there and respect you completely. So, I am a fair man, if the majority of any comments ask me to remove it, i will, no problem.

I will not however ask you to do the same, as any lambo picture is a masterpiece. I say, find out whoever owns the black lambo that you take pictures of and introduce yourself. You never know what may happen, he may just give you a ride.

Posted:  01/23/2013 19:39:50
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