Koenigsegg Agera R  |  Spotted in Tokyo, Japan

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Koenigsegg Agera R spotted in Tokyo, Japan

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    Tokyo, Japan
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    First upload from Japan. Saw this 1/1 Koenigsegg Agera RSR in Aoyama. First ever Koenigsegg, why not start with a great one? Apologies for the quality, night time photos aren't my forte. First photo of this RSR on the site.
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Comments (21 total)
That is so INSANE deserves all of them l/fs!
Posted:  07/19/2019 14:14:57
It sounded great!
Posted:  07/03/2017 08:12:44
My favorite car, Koenigsegg Agera series.
Posted:  07/02/2017 17:53:09
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Cheers Lamborarri! Very thankful for your response to the shot. Also, welcome back to the site, however long your stay is intended for. After reading your comment on the photo of the Dodge Viper posted by Daniel, it highlighted some seriously good points, questioning whether it is really worth staying.
Posted:  11/12/2016 23:58:50
Congrats on the find Luke, love the shot too. L/F for sure!
Posted:  11/12/2016 21:41:57
Cheers Sam! Shook is an understatement, it was just insane! Still ashamed I couldn't have seen this in the day light, as I would have had far better photos!
Posted:  11/07/2016 18:57:11
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Amazing find luke this would of shook u a bit when it past
Posted:  11/07/2016 18:53:15
Oh dang that sucks! It's awesome you saw a Ducktail GT3, but I hate when things block your shot!
Posted:  10/11/2016 20:10:44
I saw a ducktail gt3 the other day same thing happened but it was a car
Posted:  10/11/2016 09:01:42
Surprisingly not that bad Ashoor. People were never an issue really, as I always stood as close to the road as possible, minimising the possibility of people ruining the photo. I can only think of two times where a woman got in the way of my photo of a Duck Tail 991 GT3, and got in the way of my photo of a 930 Slant Nose Turbo. Other than that, everything was fine. I did manage to get somewhat good photos of the two cars mentioned above.

However, as you mentioned, the traffic did sometimes get a bit heavy, making photo opportunities extremely difficult. Some photos I just instantly deleted because they only showed like a quarter of the actual exotic, due to all the taxis in the way, but 98.9% of my photos were taxi free luckily! Other than the fact that there were so many cars, the overall spotting was incredible. Saw so many new, and so many existing exotics, that it was without a doubt my best spotting trip ever!
Posted:  10/11/2016 03:33:41
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How was it like spotting in the world's most populated city? A lot of people and cars getting in the way of photos right?
Posted:  10/11/2016 03:28:06
Cheers Bejon! This isn't my best shot. I somehow managed to salvage this one. The rear shot is my best one. Will post that soon.
Posted:  10/10/2016 08:59:20
Good job man! Sick shot to! L/F
Posted:  10/10/2016 07:58:14
Cheers Waddle. I'm very thankful for your generosity of taking the time to comment, and also to leave an L/F. This was without a doubt my most insane spot. Even topped my first spotting day!
Posted:  10/10/2016 03:16:01
Well, others have broken the chain, but another L/F from myself. Unbelievable find! Reminds me of a day when I saw a CLK GTR Supersports on the road...
Posted:  10/10/2016 03:00:33
As I haven't got the time to thank you all individually, I will collectively thank you lovely people! So, here it is. Thank you all for your generosity through your comments, likes and even favourites, both over time on all my other photos, and this photo here. After returning from an insane spotting time in Japan, I had to upload my best spot. As I can't upload the Zonda Kiryu from Bingo Sports, this was the best spot on the street.

Also, for this to be my very first Koenigsegg spot ever, I'm glad I saw this one off! Final day in Tokyo, definitely produced my best spot of all time. Now, to spot the two Pagani Huayra's in NZ! Anyone keen to join? Haha.
Posted:  10/10/2016 01:42:26
Outrageous find Luke! You are so damn lucky, I NEED to head over to Japan. L/F for sure!
Posted:  10/10/2016 00:51:45
Wow! It's good to see a Koenigsegg outside of Car Week! LOL amazing spot and you posted at a time when people want to see something like this the most!
Posted:  10/09/2016 23:33:24
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6th L/F and great spot! I like the other RSRs spec better but this one still looks insane.
Posted:  10/09/2016 23:29:21
3rd L/F for me, absolutely amazing spot! (No one break the chain)
Posted:  10/09/2016 23:20:18
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