Koenigsegg Agera R  |  Spotted in Costa Mesa, California

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Koenigsegg Agera R spotted in Costa Mesa, California

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    Costa Mesa, California
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    HOLY CRAP! Craziest combo at a Hooters Restaurant! I was in Newport Beach a while after the Lambo show ended when all of the sudden one of the owners posted on Instagram where they were having lunch and I rushed over there as fast as possible and made it in time. There’s TWO Agera RSs, Huayra BC, Aventador SV, and a 911 GT3 out of frame. A few people were there and we stayed until they left and some hot hooters girls posed for pictures too!
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Comments (16 total)

I would believed his Agera RS1 is now worth $ 6 million, but the question is - Would he even sell it ? ...

People who owns a supercar like this have more money than some country's GDP ... For some of these super rich people, buying a supercar close to $ 3,000,000 is pocket change for him or her. You got to remember his RS1 is the only one in the world.
Also, should he decide to sell it ? ... is there anybody willing to pay $ 6,000,000 for it ?

For example, years ago, my uncle in Singapore brought me this very exclusive BMW jacket, I thought it was a normal BMW jacket, but it turned out to be a limited-edition BMW Motorsports jacket and apparently they made only 50 of them in the world so one day when i didn't realized it and wore it to university, some rich Asian guy saw me and knew the jacket and walked up to me and offered me $ 700 cash for the jacket ... I declined ... A few days later, he saw me again and up his offer to $ 2,500 ... Again, I declined ... that is when I realized something was special about this jacket and asked my uncle ... apparently he paid an equivalent of something like $ 500 Cdn for the jacket and apparently BMW only offered to selected BMW clients who had either owned or brought multiple high end BMWs ... so my uncle was selected to buy the jacket so he brought two ... one for himself and one for me. At that point, I stopped wearing that jacket out but that rich dude came up to me one last time and offered me his final offer of $ 5,000 but again, I declined his offer, but just to get my point to him that I wasn't going to sell the jacket, I replied that I would gladly sell the BMW jacket to him for $ 1,000,000 + his brand new BMW M3 coupe + one night with his hot girlfriend ..
You got to remember this was back around 2001 only so a million dollars canadian was a lot of cash ... you could buy a very nice 3,000-sq-ft house ...

He walked away and never asked me again !!
Posted:  12/10/2017 05:21:20
Any time there's more than one Agera, it's basically paradise, so this probably actually is
Posted:  12/10/2017 01:32:01
I would say its false because that's seems like a bit too much. Then again I think it is a one of one so it could be.
Posted:  12/08/2017 07:24:24
I would say True as Koenigseggs are actually the some of the most expensive cars on the market.
Posted:  12/08/2017 04:10:19
Did you people know that Hooter's girls are hired as "entertainers" and not servers?
Anyways I was talking to the son of the owner's Agera RS1 and he told me that his dad's car is now worth $6,000,000. True or false?
Posted:  12/08/2017 04:07:02
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This made EC. I'm not surprised.
Posted:  12/07/2017 15:43:20
@KennyMK6R Oh I bet they could fit two in per supercar (still perhaps not enough space, but that Huayra did fit two in not too long ago, I think it was THEKING).
Posted:  12/06/2017 17:02:59
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The Hooters girls wanted to, but the owners of the 2 x Agera RSs, Huayra BC, Aventador SV, and a 911 GT3 could not fit all of them in their supercars as combined, they could only take a total of 5 Hooter Girls ...

2 x Agera RS = 1 Hooter girl each = 2 Hooter Girls
1 x Huayra BC = 1 Hooter Girl
1 x Aventador SV = 1 Hooter Girl
1 x Porsche 911 GT3 = 1 Hooter Girl ( don't believe the GT3 has rear seats )

... so the owners are going to rent 2 huge Mercedes Sprinter vans to pick them all up AFTER WORK to bring them back to their house for a " very special private Hooter party ". And 10 months later, a new generation of Hooter girls will be entering this world :-P
Posted:  12/06/2017 15:42:56
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Insane Combo!!! ( :

Huayra BC for me any day!
Posted:  12/06/2017 07:24:42

lol I'm surprised the entire staff didn't come out and leave with the owners.
Posted:  12/06/2017 03:31:29
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20/14 Lol
Posted:  12/06/2017 02:54:01
To the person who keeps accusing me of “gaming the system” and following cars out of the show, you are wrong. First of all I never follow anyone out the shows. If you want to gossip about someone at least get the facts straight. Second, after this show ended I drove straight to the shopping plaza that’s 25 minutes away and found out the Huayra BC owner posted an Instagram photo an hour later of where they were having lunch and drove another 20 minutes to get shots since this is a very are opportunity. Third, just because I’m a moderator it does not give me special privileges where I’m superior to everyone. It’s not right or automatically assume things and jump to conclusions right away when you don’t know the story.
Posted:  12/06/2017 01:49:47
Does the picture come any bigger? I want this as my wallpaper. So much so, I'd buy the file from you.
Posted:  12/06/2017 00:48:39
I sure did! They will be posted later on though.
Posted:  12/05/2017 22:22:34
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Did you get any pics with the Hooters girls in them? I think everyone would like to see them! :D
Posted:  12/05/2017 20:51:06
I legitimately do not believe it can get ANY better than this. Not a chance.
Posted:  12/05/2017 20:21:30
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