Jaguar E-Type  |  Spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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Jaguar E-Type spotted in Auckland, New Zealand

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    Auckland, New Zealand
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    1965 still gorgeous in 2016.
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Comments (25 total)
Ahh, doesn't bother me haha. Got so much spare time, it doesn't really bother me :) plus, I don't use the laptop often. Yesterday was the first time I've used the laptop in months... Haha.
Posted:  03/27/2016 09:14:04
But when you think of it, you're going out of your way just as much (or even more) by uploading from your ipad, then if you just retrieved your password.
Posted:  03/27/2016 09:12:17
Answer = Laziness haha :)
Nah, I just honestly can't be bothered, plus I don't mind sitting here getting the photos on Flickr before I put them on to ES. Doesn't bother me.
Posted:  03/27/2016 04:59:07
Why don't you message an admin about it? Or do the forgot your password thing.
Posted:  03/26/2016 21:23:40
Because I'm signed into ES from here, and I can't remember my password, so I don't wanna log out haha :)
Plus, i don't wanna go through the whole "forgot your password" section again...
Posted:  03/26/2016 17:58:16
Why do you need to upload from your ipad?
Posted:  03/26/2016 10:13:39
Figured out what the issue was. It was the fact that my photos were being downsized when sent to my iPad, cause the quality was too much to handle for the iPad. So I'll upload the photos to Flickr first, keep them at the 6000x4000 quality, then I'll end up getting them on my iPad through Flickr, at the highest quality :) Got it sorted guys, no need to worry!! Haha.

Even if I have to sit here for hours uploading photos to Flickr, it's all worth it :)
Posted:  03/26/2016 07:49:28
Okay, will do :)
Posted:  03/23/2016 06:12:10
Don't reduc the size of photos on your camera. Shoot in the best quality, then resize for web upload on the computer.
Posted:  03/23/2016 04:40:26
I thought the new upload requirements were 10k x 10k? Or am I reading things wrong?? Haha. What I'll do is I'll export photos at the quality of 6000x4000 to my laptop, and resize on my laptop to meet requirements. Or, I can see if I can downsize the photos in my camera settings, and hopefully it should be sweet.

Plus, shooting in RAW takes up so much space on the SD card!! Haha. The photos are so much larger! I changed the photo mode from JPEG to RAW, and dang, the amount of photos I can take is so much less! Went from 1200 on the JPEG photo mode to 350 on RAW! Haha. Guess I need a bigger SD card...
Posted:  03/23/2016 00:22:00
Hi Luke! Because our cameras shoot such high quality, you actually need I downsize the megapixels to 5000x3333/4 to meet the upload requirements. But shooting in RAW definitely helps with quality I promise you that.
Posted:  03/22/2016 23:48:46
What I'll do is export the photos to my laptop, and keep them there, and won't send them to my iPad. This means that hopefully the quality will remain at the 6000x4000, cause I've got photos of many exotics that are shot in that quality, and don't want to upload much lower quality photos.

I will export more photos to my laptop tonight, and see what happens. Thanks for the help guys!!!

Daniel, if it doesn't work again, then I'll message you and see what you do to get really good photo quality, other than shooting in RAW.
Posted:  03/22/2016 23:33:43
 1 like
Hi Luke, I sent you a message some time ago regarding this situation; on mobile devices quality will decrease to fit the device's capabilities but 2047x1365 is just a proportional value of the original picture, and is just an automatic downsize. It should remain at 6000x4000 on your computer. Also when importing pictures to your computer (exporting from SD Card) check that you are exporting at the full image size; sometimes it may downsize to save space. Also shoot in RAW as I said before, JPEG is a compressed file and a lot of image info and data will be lost, and editing a JPEG will affect appearance of the image in quality terms but not megapixel count. Hope this helps.
Posted:  03/22/2016 23:23:31
Maybe something is happening when you send them to your ipad?
Posted:  03/22/2016 23:01:22
Step by Step guide at your service.

Step 1: Take memory card out of camera,
Step 2: Insert into laptop.
Step 3: Wait for photos to be loaded onto laptop from memory card.
Step 4: Look at photos from memory card on big laptop screen.
Step 5: Send photos from laptop, to my iPad.
Step 6: Upload here.

However, once these steps have occurred, the quality has decreased a lot. No clue why.
Posted:  03/22/2016 08:14:42
By exported do you mean like copy+pasted or cut+pasted from your memory card to your computer?
Posted:  03/22/2016 04:45:18
No clue... The photos on my camera at taken at the 6000x4000 quality, but when exported to my laptop, the quality severely decreases... Absolutely no idea why, but I guess I will have to google it to find out. Unless you know why??
Posted:  03/22/2016 01:56:37
Why did they go from 6000x4000 to 2048x1365?
Posted:  03/22/2016 01:21:53
Thanks Charlie and Lamborarri!! Unfortunately, when I exported the images from my camera to the laptop, the images went from 6000x4000, to 2048x1365, therefore a lot of the quality was gone! Hopefully, when I export soon again with all the other exotics I've seen, the quality will be much higher.

Doesn't bother me with the featured/non featured. It's always confused me.
Posted:  03/22/2016 01:19:04
Amazing shot Luke!! It's a bit grainy (at least on my computer), but don't worry that helps the shot, since then it looks like it could have been taken in 1965. :)
Posted:  03/21/2016 23:42:38
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