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Leaf_Soto, 24 October 2017, 04:06
I missed an R32 Skyline today.

from Kansas
pdkcars, 27 October 2017, 14:58
Not by far a WORST miss but just proves I had bad luck with the RCF.

So I finally find an RCF in a great spot and I go to get my shots. Great angles, I'm feeling like this would make up for all of the misses I've had with this car. Especially considering this one was specc'd so well in blue too.

Two main problems here: 1) I had to beg my sister to stop to get pictures because it wasn't a super car and I really wanted it because I still have yet to capture anything this week. So I rushed getting the shots. Usually I am quick getting shots but I chimp too. I didn't this time. 2) I turned the shutter down because it was dusk and it didn't occur to me to turn ISO up.

I think you can figure out what happened to the pictures. XD

I swear, it seems like I will never get any good pictures of the Lexus RCF.

from San Antonio, Texas
FastMojo2, 05 November 2017, 15:56
Just today... Aston Martin DB11!

from Jakarta, Indonesia
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