Ferrari F50  |  Spotted in London, Ontario, Canada

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Ferrari F50 spotted in London, Ontario, Canada

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    London, Ontario, Canada
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    This is the only other picture I got of this amazing F50. Didn't expect to see it when I drove by, took a quick picture with the window up because the owner was in the garage. Incredible car.
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Comments (24 total)
well the owner of ferrari ontario dealership also owns a bmw dealership
Posted:  04/14/2014 16:51:59
Awesome! For sure that F355!
Posted:  12/16/2013 18:13:52
May I ask how you know him and exactly how he makes his money?
Posted:  12/15/2013 20:15:01
How do you guys know so much about the owner?
Posted:  12/14/2013 22:36:40
He loves Ferrari's clearly and its brand loyalty. Every Ferrari he has is red too.

@Tammel: I don't know if you have inside knowledge or if you have talked to the owner specifically but I don't think he has a laferrari coming, I do know he is actively looking for an Enzo though.
Posted:  12/14/2013 17:14:21
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Brand loyalty. I know people who only buy from one car brand.
Posted:  12/14/2013 16:56:39
I have an interesting question about this owner.

Okay, we all know he is a successful builder, very wealthy, loves cars especially Ferrari, etc...

... But my question is if he can afford a LaFerrari, Enzo, etc... why does he only buys Ferrari ???

Why no Lamborghini Aventador ? ... Reventon ? ... Bugatti Veyron ? ... Porsche Carrera GT ... Maserati MC12 ? ... Maybach ? ... Bentley ? ... Rolls-Royce ?

My only guess is he owns or is a partner in one of the Ferrari dealerships in Toronto as well.
Posted:  12/14/2013 16:00:32
Amazing! Have you ever talked to the owner?
Posted:  12/14/2013 12:24:35
Awesome shot! That's gorgeous
Posted:  12/13/2013 23:29:26
@KennyMK6R Thanks
Posted:  12/13/2013 22:11:53
The owner doesn't usually keep many Ferrari's at his house, maybe his 458 and one other occasionally. He has garages around town where he keeps his really nice cars. Some notable cars include the F50, F40, 288GTO, Dino, Daytona, Boxer, etc. A true car lover.
Posted:  12/13/2013 21:36:24
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i wonder what else is in there
Posted:  12/13/2013 21:21:57
@Tramonto I believe he currently has 10 different Ferrari's at various garages in the city, and an Enzo, and LaFerrari on the way!
Posted:  12/13/2013 20:46:45
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all on the same property?
Posted:  12/13/2013 20:33:56
@tramonto: He has several different garages
Posted:  12/13/2013 20:33:14
How can he fit all the ferraris in there? or does he own a warehouse full of them too?
Posted:  12/13/2013 20:25:22
@one_hp more Ferrari's.....lots more Ferrari's
Posted:  12/13/2013 20:24:56
yeah, but what's in the barricaded garage!?!?
Posted:  12/13/2013 19:38:19
Technically its a garage shot not a driveway, therefore it is legal. Gotta love loopholes!
Posted:  12/13/2013 18:34:18
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