Ferrari F430  |  Spotted in West Bank, Louisiana

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Ferrari F430 spotted in West Bank, Louisiana

Details on This Ferrari F430:

  • Location
    West Bank, Louisiana
  • Description
    Spider spotted going over the Huey P.
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Comments (17 total)
You're welcome! I just wanted to get my point across :)
Posted:  10/31/2012 20:19:27
@superleggera thx for the back up! Lol. I get more comments on the hummer than the super cars that I'm taking the picture of.
Posted:  10/31/2012 09:20:55
@Driveblox_Man: There is a difference between 'yelling' at you and explaining the facts. If I seemed harsh it was because I was pissed off with the other guy. Nothing personal.
Posted:  10/30/2012 20:47:38
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I yell at everyone who posts a comment that I feel needs to be corrected. For instance, the fact that it has been proven a Hummer is less damaging than a Prius.
Posted:  10/30/2012 20:17:56
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ointment, you're an idiot and a douchebag. Go troll some other site.
Posted:  10/30/2012 20:16:47
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God dude, I comment on something and you decide to yell at me? Sheesh...
Posted:  10/30/2012 20:15:27
Ah, all of you would love this: One day a while back, I spent a couple hours digging through the internet to find some dirt on the Prius, and managed to uncover a fair bit.
Posted:  10/30/2012 18:06:35
Hummers are the worst for the environment?

Number 1: Why does it seem like the only time people care about the environment is when HUMMERs come into play? Everybody seems to turn into an envorionmentalist when somebody brings up HUMMER. Nobody rants on Range Rovers or Ford Trucks, Audi Q7, etc. Does nobody acknowledge their existence? My dad's H3 gets 21 on the highway. A Land Rover LR4 gets about 17 on the highway. Sure, a Hummer H2 can be bad for the environment, but no worse than a Suburban! And the H1 is a Turbo Diesel meaning it gets better gas mileage than the H2 (For the people who thought H1s got like 3 mpg on the road).

Number 2: The manufacturing of electric cars are much more harming to the environment, like Justin said. Read up on some facts to learn why.
Posted:  10/30/2012 17:58:32
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@ointmentapyntmnt What the hell is wrong with you? That was a very ignorant statement. Oh no, he didn't get the top of the range model. Big deal! Nick (Superleggera) already made some pretty fantastic points, so I'll refer to those.
Posted:  10/30/2012 17:56:10
I love @superleggera
Posted:  10/30/2012 17:55:09
@ointmentapyntmnt: I have an H3. But I've had an H1 at the same time. No longer have the H1 though. I don't want to hear your bullshit on how "He can't afford an H1." Maybe people don't want to spend all of that cash on a truck. Maybe they want something practical. Maybe they don't want a 10,000 pound truck in their driveway. Maybe they would actually like to use an H3 as a daily driver instead of driving a huge H1 everyday. Don't even say that he could have used an H1 for a daily driver because you'd have to be insane to drive a truck that big to work. I've owned one, IT WAS NOT PRACTICAL AT ALL. Think before you state your beliefs, jackass.
Posted:  10/30/2012 17:47:32
@Driveblox Oh dear Lord. A Prius is actually worse than a Hummer. Not joking there, and did do some research besides Top Gear.
Posted:  10/30/2012 17:42:07
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Hummers are the worst for the environment.
Posted:  10/30/2012 17:36:50
What do u drive?
Posted:  10/30/2012 13:44:45
You Hummer fag! Couldn't afford an H1? Or is it that you just aren't bad-ass enough to drive a real one, but you still want to look badasss?
Posted:  10/30/2012 13:36:44
Yea. H3
Posted:  10/30/2012 09:50:07
were u on hummer?
Posted:  10/30/2012 09:22:15
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