Ferrari F40  |  Spotted in Columbus, Ohio

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Ferrari F40 spotted in Columbus, Ohio

Details on This Ferrari F40:

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    Columbus, Ohio
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    Such an iconic car the F40 is. At Polaris Lifestyle Center valet
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Comments (33 total)
simply perfect!
Posted:  08/07/2014 09:59:55
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Thank you!
Posted:  11/01/2013 19:30:36
My second favorite Ferrari of all time! An amazing capture.
Posted:  11/01/2013 16:49:52
@Davis: How did I generalize that all teens are like that? I simply said it makes sense that such comments would come from someone so young and immature. That isn't a generalization at all.

@Lambobull: Mature or not, 15 years old is most certainly still a "kid". Don't be so sensitive to the term because it isn't an insult.
Posted:  07/20/2013 11:49:43
I am pretty mature and most teens at this age r not kids and most spotters are mature and like davis said he is implying that towards everyone
Posted:  07/19/2013 22:04:25
I understand that someone his age would make an immature comment like that, but you sort of generalized that all teenagers are like that. That would imply that some of the best of this site (andrewo, r8lover, Superleggera) are immature and would make comments like Lambobull would.
Posted:  07/19/2013 19:20:24
I have my personal opinions about this car and just bc i am 15 doesn't mean i am stupid or inmature and then your saying i have childish comments wth that doesn't mean nothing. I respect everyones decison and always comment something good about there post. And apple to orange its not like i am a child cause i am in high schl and know my decisions perfectly and i make a decision maturely and not inmaturely. @@@qcramair
Posted:  07/19/2013 18:36:06
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It isn't so much "He's just a kid so since the F40 was before his time, it makes sense that he thinks it's ugly" as it is "It makes sense that he's only a 15-year-old kid because only a kid could make such childish and apples-to-oranges comments about such a legendary and purpose-driven machine."

It's a street-legal racecar. So if an F1 car was street-legal, it'd be (insert Lambobull's complaints about the F40 here)? Well that's just hysterical.

It isn't supposed to be an insult to any of you teens and tweens or even to Lambobull himself; it just makes perfect sense that a rather immature and nonsensical comment would come from a kid.
Posted:  07/19/2013 17:28:19
It is completely about personal opinion as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I think age has nothing to do with it. I for example like to have carpets and listen to the radio at my house's entertainment room. I have driven for more than 1,000 miles without any music but I donĀ“t think I have any right to demand that anyone else should agree with me.

In particular, I am a huge fan of Ferrari F40 and the interesting thing here is that the car is either loved or hated but clearly noticed. Isn't that the important matter?
Posted:  07/18/2013 11:41:07
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Chris, I'm 15 and I love the F40.. not sure what you're getting at with that.
Posted:  07/17/2013 09:09:44
so sick, great shot. This is one of my all time favorites, still waiting to see one in real life though.
Posted:  07/17/2013 07:42:08
nice shot,i like it a lot
and its one of the best ferraries ever made
i think if you have F40,that mean you got one of the best piece of ferrari history inside your garage,no matter what you got Enzo,F50,GTO or La Ferrari,the F40 will always be the best ferrari ever made.
Posted:  07/17/2013 03:45:22
Thanks a lot! I just cropped the photo a bit and messed with the levels.
Posted:  07/17/2013 01:30:35
One of the best Ferrari's.. This thing looks so good, you're so lucky to have seen this in person L/F
Posted:  07/16/2013 23:14:13
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Classic Ferrari such as F40,F50 and Enzo just get better with time.The 458 will only last till the replacement comes out and then it will dated like the 430 and 360.
Posted:  07/16/2013 23:12:04
Makes sense.
Posted:  07/16/2013 22:04:32
I am 15 years old
Posted:  07/16/2013 21:03:15
Lambobull, how old are you? The range seems quite obvious.
Posted:  07/16/2013 20:29:26
The original list price for an F40 in 1990 was about $256k (translated from 193k in pounds), which with inflation (now) would be about $522k. That IS pretty far off.

Lambobull: I don't think he edited it.
Posted:  07/16/2013 20:19:28
No matter what its ugly in my opinion and tyi u did a great job with the editing
Posted:  07/16/2013 20:17:59
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