Ferrari F12  |  Spotted in American Fork, Utah

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Ferrari F12 spotted in American Fork, Utah

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    American Fork, Utah
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    Saw this tool nestle up to this $350k Ferrari F12 at lunch. Either he is a jerk, has no appreciation for vehicular art, doesn't know how to drive, isn't concerned about liability for hitting it, or wanted to teach the rich person "a lesson." I suspect all five.
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    bad parking   Utah   red   Orem  
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Comments (35 total)
Andrew - was it a tense confrontation? What did he say when you asked him to move it?
Posted:  02/18/2016 00:22:13
Andrew - small world indeed! My brother lives in your area, and has seen your Ferrari around a few times, always admiring it. He happened to get lunch the other day in the same parking lot as you and could not believe when that Tundra pulled in so close! He actually took the photo while the guy was still in the truck, and then watched in astonishment as he walked away, leaving it that close. It stuns me how people can be so inconsiderate of others. And by the way - beautiful car!
Posted:  02/17/2016 22:06:42
Someone just sent me this post. Small world. I am the owner of the F12. To settle the Dispute....the owner of the truck thought he was being funny...until I hunted him down in the restaurant, and asked his dumb ass to move his truck since I was in my parking stall, parked straight, first, and he parked next to me, with PLENTY of room to the right of the truck and the curb. He was simply being a dickhead. People have not a care in the world for other's hard work - and spending it on something that ALL of us have worked hard for all our lives....our dream cars. Thanks for all the support to the other car lovers out there!
Posted:  02/17/2016 18:20:55
What a diffrence in size.The F12 looks like a small car toy
Posted:  02/17/2016 18:06:29
The F12 was there before the truck.
Posted:  02/16/2016 16:11:53
@RnR Overseas: I don't think the F12 parked after the truck, it would have been rather difficult for him to get out of his car. I can't imagine him intentionally parking like that and then having to climb out the passenger side lol
Posted:  02/16/2016 15:50:57
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Someone doesn't like Ferrari F12's apparently
Posted:  02/15/2016 19:48:42
if that were me the truck would have needed four new tires or the driver new teeth
no call for that no matter what kind of car it is.
Posted:  02/15/2016 17:29:49
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Y'all are jumping to conclusions. Who was there first? Maybe the F12 parked there later just to dis the truck driver - maybe he's jealous of his girl, his company, or who knows. Hard to know timing or motives from a picture .
Posted:  02/15/2016 15:41:33
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At least the idiot left his phone number.
Posted:  02/15/2016 13:16:17
Mazdafrak, I saw a truck run up the back of a boxer once. Contributing to the stereotype.
Posted:  02/13/2016 20:10:12
The Tundra driver is a dick. You can clearly see the F12 is in its own space. Not like it's taking two or more spots.
Posted:  02/13/2016 13:19:54
@jackrabbit98 I know several people with trucks too (mostly neighbors and such). Unfortunately, it seems to be the exception and not the norm to see someone driving a truck who isn't cutting people off, taking up far too many parking spaces, etc. I have very nearly been rear ended by several trucks going 60+ mph when trying to turn into my neighborhood, and it just furthers that stereotype when I see stuff like this.
Posted:  02/13/2016 01:16:36
He just wanted to see how nimble the F12 owner was and watch him try to climb through the passenger seat. :P
Posted:  02/11/2016 15:33:14
What a dickhead. The F12 driver literally can't get into the driver side of their own car just because this guy decided to be an ass.
Posted:  02/11/2016 01:47:22
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too close for comfort.
Posted:  02/11/2016 01:44:15
@jackrabbit898 I think he is just referring to North Carolina truck owners. And just joking, I hope.
Posted:  02/11/2016 01:19:23
That's really stereotypical (and not true; I know tons of people with trucks)
Posted:  02/11/2016 00:35:37
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That Tundra driver is a f**king idiot. I mean, look at all the other parking spaces.
Posted:  02/10/2016 19:21:59
He drives a truck. That explains everything. (If you think I'm being a bit crude, you've never been in NC before).
Posted:  02/10/2016 14:16:24
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