Ferrari 458 Italia  |  Spotted in Hong Kong, China

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Ferrari 458 Italia spotted in Hong Kong, China

Details on This Ferrari 458 Italia:

  • Location
    Hong Kong, China
  • Description
    Wet and wild 458!
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    rupert procter   rwp   hong kong   hk  
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Comments (139 total)
Even if it was a Type 57 Atlantic I would not cross a freeway
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:44:32
Depends on the car
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:43:06
Yeah it is. A picture is not worth your life. It never is.
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:32:14
It's not stupid if you get the photo.
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:30:27
Thats just stupid, i mean really

Also, im not sure i buy that
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:27:52
I jaywalk for most of my spots. Even across a freeway once.
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:21:24
wow, that must suck to have gotten eaten by ants

I only run, nothing else

at one car show, i jaywalked a few feet in traffic, thats it
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:19:44
I sprint after almost every car i spot when i'm outside.
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:12:07
I sprinted to get a pic of a cool Lotus once.
I ended up not uploaded that pic though.
Later, I found it parked.
Posted:  09/19/2013 16:02:33
I just don't see the reasoning for myself getting injured over taking a picture of a car. The most I'll do is run for it, and that doesn't happen too much. I'm not going to run out into traffic for much of anything, or slide over a hood, or sprint after a car (there are a few exceptions), or nearly get hit.
Posted:  09/19/2013 15:55:01
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Wow. Pretty intense.
Posted:  09/19/2013 15:06:33
I kinda was but not too much.
Posted:  09/19/2013 14:49:35
SDJ, the one i ran after was red and i think it was also registerred as a VW. It said Bugatti across the grille though and it was for sale.
Posted:  09/19/2013 14:45:14
That SUCKS that it was fake. I saw a blue bug replica based on and registered as a beetle at a show in fairport a few years ago.
Posted:  09/19/2013 14:28:24
I was running after a Bugatti Type 35B and i took the shortcut through a grass field but as i was running, i didn't notice there was a small pit in the grass so i stepped in it and my ankle rolled and fractured. I did get over to the (parked) Bugatti though and i realized it was a replica but i still took about 50 pictures of it while standing and walking on my ankle. It hurt a lot but it's still the closest thing i've seen to a Bugatti so it was worth it even as a replica.
Posted:  09/19/2013 12:14:40
You fractured your ankle? How did you manage that?!
The most dangerous thing I've done is run about 300m for my first FF.
Posted:  09/19/2013 12:05:29
Why wouldn't you though? It's worth it.
Posted:  09/19/2013 11:58:08
Carspotting is only dangerous if you make it that way.
Posted:  09/19/2013 11:49:36
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Spotting is pretty dangerous. I've slid over the hood of a car before, nearly got hit by cars, started numerous traffic jams, got burned by the ground when nealing, got bit by tons of mosquitos, and even fractured my ankle while spotting before.
Posted:  09/19/2013 11:32:15
Brendon, do you have a camera cover to protect it from the rain?

Rupert, never knew carspotting was such a dangerous sport. Gives me pride.
Posted:  09/19/2013 07:20:30
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