Bugatti Veyron  |  Spotted in Manhattan, New York

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Bugatti Veyron spotted in Manhattan, New York

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    Manhattan, New York
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    the veyron pur blanc. its just insane. is this ben chens? i was with my friend and his dad who owns a plumbing company with a very good reputation. he had to go do something for his "rich people clients" his words. and this was there. its too bad theres not much more to look forward to anymore
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    bugatti veyron pur blanc manhattan samaserati  
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Comments (46 total)
Who even cares
Posted:  12/30/2014 15:18:05
No offense, but do you honestly think we want to read all that?
Posted:  12/30/2014 13:40:19

" ... Own and runs a few clubs ... "

Owing and running a few clubs definitely cannot buy those exotics unless you are talking about clubs where you have celebrities there 24 / 7 / 365.

Also, ask yourselves where did he get the money to start up those clubs ? ... And did he start those clubs from the bottom and work them up on the way ( mortgage, small renovations, etc... ) ? ... Probably NOT, daddy probably threw a couple of millions into his little boy's bank account and this SOB went to buy a building, and renovate it to his liking with no budget.
Posted:  12/30/2014 12:24:41
I don't know how he got his start exactly but have heard his dad owns some Nike shoe factories so he could have inherited some. I know he's worked for some of it though he owns and runs a few clubs so he hasn't had quite all of it given to him.
Posted:  12/29/2014 20:17:54
Kenny u went Clark griswold on Ben Chen respect
Posted:  12/29/2014 17:01:11
Let's go gta5 on Ben chen
Posted:  06/20/2014 22:10:33
Yes,Yes they are!
Posted:  06/18/2014 20:06:04
@carguyjt: those are some wise words
Posted:  06/18/2014 19:52:09
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ben Chen is such a Buttface
Posted:  06/18/2014 18:19:42
Posted:  04/19/2014 04:37:18
diablo: as much as I hate ben chen, those 12-15 year olds can go f*ck themselves.haha
Posted:  04/19/2014 02:05:41
I saw Ben Chen today. There was a group of about 5 kids who were 12-15 years old, who were also taking pics of his Murcielago SV, asked me if I knew how he got the money to afford the car, and I told them he inherited his money. They were then saying how that does not count as being wealthy, and were yelling at him when he was driving away. lol
Posted:  04/18/2014 21:45:48

LOL ... You're funny ... The GTI is my weekend toy ... You know " fun car " ... I like to take it to my local track and just rip it out just to retrieve some stress as a CFO ... LOL !!!
Posted:  03/11/2014 01:42:30

No problem !!! ... I just hate guys like that ... Thanks for the congrats ... I worked very hard to get to where I am today ... I didn't get a brand new Ferrari to go to / from university as my 1st car as some of these spoiled rich young kids ... I took public transit then when I had my first job, I took a bank loan to buy a new Chevrolet Optra ( known as the Suzuki Forenza in USA ) then slowly worked myself up to own the cars, the house, and toys i have now over the years as i moved up the corporate ladder
Posted:  03/11/2014 01:34:21
he owned several lambos before
Posted:  03/10/2014 10:29:56
@Kenny can I have your GTI plz :(
Posted:  03/09/2014 20:15:24

Wow, now i understand why people hate him, and they have every right to hate him! People with that kind of wealth could make a huge impact in todays society by helping, He could donate to charity (i know i would), Toss in some money to build new parks ,etc. I would hide my face of embarrassment if i were his parents lol. Hopefully one day he realizes that he is not a king and no were near it! He really needs to change his ways! But anyways thanks for clearing up that fuzzy picture of him, i now i see his true colors and congrats on your succses you have great taste in cars :) Keep up the good work!!
Posted:  03/09/2014 08:11:27

First of all, this a**hole didn't earn a single penny in his life to drive all of those exotics, it was all given to him by his parents.

Secondly, then with all these money and supercars, he goes around USA with his group of friends and all of his supercars, which they called them the white mafia or something stupid like it because most of his supercars are all white.

Thirdly, according to the people here on the forum whom have met him, he treats ppl with no respect and behave like he owns the whole world.

COME ON !!! ... I have met people probably 10x richer than that a**hole and they do not behave arrogant like him. SERIOUSLY, I know someone way way richer than him, and definitely have some way nicer supercars than this a**hole ... I am talking about someone who not only have 1 Reventon in his garage but two Reventon ( one coupe, one roadster ) ... He also recently added the Porsche 918 Spyder to his collection and currently awaiting his Pagani Huayra ... yet he is some humble when I had my first dinner with him, he loves chatting with other ppl about his supercars, he treats other ppl with respect and dignity, etc ... He always take me rides in his supercars, and on a few occasions, he even let me borrowed one of his supercars, when I have a date with a young woman like last week, he let me borrow his Audi R8 GT convertible, which BTW, has some insane Stasis upgrades to bump the HP to 700-HP or something crazy like that, for my date with a 31-yrs-old young Japanese lady.

I am not jealous of him or anything like it, I just don't have respect for a**hole like him who thinks just because he is rich, he can behave like everybody is below him and goes around behaving like he owns the world. SERIOUSLY ???

Seriously, if I behave like him, I won't have any more friends today, I am almost 36 years old, came from an average family, studied and worked myself to become a senior CFO for a company, I recently moved into my own new 6,000-sq-ft house that I custom designed and had a well-known builder construct it. I have four beautiful vehicles in my garage that I earned each and every penny to buy it, not hand-me-down from my parents:

1) 2013 Audi Q5 3.0T Quattro
2) 2013 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro
3) 2006 Mercedes C350 4Matic Sport
4) 2010 VW Golf GTI ( heavily-modified to over 350-HP )

I recently placed an order for the all-new Audi S3 Quattro sedan arriving in Canada next year. When it arrives, I am trading in my Mercedes for it. I also owned a 2007 Yamaha Jet-Ski and a 2009 Sea-Ray 32-ft sport cruiser.

Now, most of my friends ain't that lucky as me, they all have nice vehicles too, but not as nice ( eg: Acura TSX, Acura TL, BMW 320i, ... ), most of them are still renting a basement suite, etc ... Does that mean I have the rights to be rude to them, and behave like I own them just because I am richer than them ??? ... No !!! ... I still go and eat McDonald's with them ... I have no problem hanging out with them in their basement suites, etc...
Posted:  03/08/2014 23:50:38
He has had a Superleggera before.
Posted:  03/08/2014 20:28:17
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@Dereksong..Yea but what does he do?? Does he talk about people, Is he mean??
Posted:  03/08/2014 19:55:04
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