Bugatti Veyron  |  Spotted in Los Angeles, California

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Bugatti Veyron spotted in Los Angeles, California

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    Los Angeles, California
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    Veyron SS. Dude owns a drop top Rolls Royce, and another Bugatti.
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Comments (24 total)
Funny because I saw this guy Ben Chen, in a McLaren MP4-C12,during the Gold Rush Rally here is San Francisco. And now he crashed the car. Also, the guy has old money one of hes ancestors owned a show company and he was given 1 billion, so that's how he can afford all those cars. Oh he also, had 3 cars at the rally. And the dude is young too!
Posted:  06/14/2013 14:56:59
Best looking Bugatti SS by far. 1 of 1
Posted:  01/03/2013 01:33:59
i cant do it on my phone and untill i get my new pc i cant make one (my old one was stolen from my house )@forzafaithful please tell me the zonda is one of them ;)
Posted:  10/05/2012 17:54:50
I did one the 5 most beautiful modern cars, and posted it yesterday...should be up soon.
Posted:  10/05/2012 17:53:50
Why don't u give it shot?
Posted:  10/05/2012 17:50:39
can somebody do a blog of best car collections like al athani, rrr, michael fux, that guy with chrome blue cars etc?
Posted:  10/05/2012 17:48:33
@FC - I'm all for privacy, but like andrewo said, you can't drive around in a $1.5+mil hypercar and not expect people to wonder how you can afford three of them, in addition to other "cheaper" cars such as the Rolls-Royce Drophead. If Chen cared so much about privacy, he would drive around in a Mercedes S-class or BMW 7 Series, as andrewo said. Being an "understated" person, however, I fully agree with the respect for privacy. :)

...And thanks @Rock-Star-Legend for answering my question.
Posted:  10/05/2012 09:53:32
his family are from hong kong and are very wealthy here. i dont know if he is their son or grandson or nephew but all the family members are playboys or socialites. its old world money, their grandfather has companies all over china are rake in billions
Posted:  10/05/2012 04:09:27
He's essentially a low level celebrity (in the way we're talking about him). Don't most people do the same thing to every movie star out in Hollywood? And thus I don't see too much of a problem with it. I honestly could car less if some movie star bought a new pair of shoes, but who am I to tell society it's a stupid thing to car about.
Posted:  10/05/2012 01:30:00
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@ Judicial Fury

I don't mean anything against your question personally, just in general. I guess I hold privacy to a high regard, not sure if I would like people discussing my life online. But when you drive (and own) some of the most exotic cars in the world i guess it comes with the territory.
Posted:  10/05/2012 01:28:20
@FC - Surely part of what we're all doing here is envying the people who get to drive these amazing machines. What's wrong with wondering how they are in that position?
Posted:  10/04/2012 22:46:19
@FC-Liverpool: How so? Is it wrong for me to be curious and ask a question? Lol
Posted:  10/04/2012 22:42:30
Dudes got a drop top Phantom, and another Bugatti in Flat White. Not sure if the discussion of his occupation is relevant or fair.
Posted:  10/04/2012 22:37:33
@Andrewo: Lol. No joke. What other cars does he have?
Posted:  10/04/2012 21:26:24
What does Chen do for a living? I just Google-ed him and I couldn't find anything that pointed to his occupation.
Posted:  10/04/2012 17:49:16
anybody know the name of the guy who has all the chrome blue cars ?
Posted:  10/04/2012 16:12:10
looks really aggresive love it !!!
Posted:  10/04/2012 15:58:05
Who the hell is this BC guy (what's the full name?), I hear about him a lot.
Posted:  10/04/2012 15:43:36
This was originally at Symbolic Motors in La Jolla. Love this car. <3
Posted:  10/04/2012 13:05:57
Thanks everyone, and yes the badge does read "Pur Blanc"
Posted:  10/04/2012 11:55:27
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