Bugatti Veyron  |  Spotted in London, United Kingdom

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Bugatti Veyron spotted in London, United Kingdom

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    London, United Kingdom
  • Description
    Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.
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Comments (26 total)
@ILM0 hahah damn i am laughing hard now :D
Posted:  02/28/2013 15:40:26
Diarrhea all over your walls? uhhh. Ha ha never heard that one before.

But seriously, why make such a big deal out of it? A Veyron is not above the rules.
Posted:  02/28/2013 15:32:50
oh my god :DDDDDDDDD !!!!!! such a DRAMA QUEEN! hahaha. my diarrhea is all over my walls because i laugh so much!! hahahahaha. ONE pic more and so much drama!! I dont wana be rude but Zonka u r such a typical yankee, u take evetything so seriously :DDDDDD
Posted:  02/28/2013 15:07:28
and i didnt damn well appreciate this:
Zönkka-81 u have TWO pics. please delete your account
Posted:  02/28/2013 13:39:59
I don't think it matters who's been on here longest. My first account was made in 2009.

He's right though. It doesn't matter if it's a Veyron SS. Rules are rules.
Posted:  02/28/2013 13:37:09
 1 like
If you want i can get gregg involved. Just because its a veyron doesnt mean its exempt from the rules. If it was then the next time im in chicago, ill take a picture of the Veyron they have in their showroom and post that
Posted:  02/28/2013 13:28:33
ahh most of the people on this website care......
Posted:  02/28/2013 07:38:46
no that one is still on here. this is the third picture
Posted:  02/27/2013 19:28:08
yes we have seen this picture before. i liked and favourited it the first time i saw this because its my dream car but please dont post it again
Posted:  02/27/2013 17:04:17
yeah. It also gives me the right to tell members that they are breaking the rules and just because its a veyron SS doesnt mean its exempt from the rules
Posted:  02/27/2013 16:27:58
dont worry about it. You joined February 2nd. Yeah i joined July 16
Posted:  02/27/2013 16:13:19
I actually have close to 80 pics. My account got deleted and im not reuploading them. If you wish to see them, they are on my flickr. Ohh and by the way, shut up, ive been here longer than you have.
Posted:  02/27/2013 16:07:12
Chloe that's so true :DD
Posted:  02/27/2013 12:29:50
Zönkka-81 u have TWO pics. please delete your account
Posted:  02/27/2013 08:30:49
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you have THREE of them. rules say only 2 pictures per car. please delete one
Posted:  02/27/2013 07:33:10
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I spotted this in front of The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair
Posted:  02/27/2013 03:19:44
woow looks really good!!
Posted:  02/26/2013 20:04:09
This is the THIRD picture of this car. please delete one
Posted:  02/26/2013 18:11:36
 1 like
Do you want to be a bit more detailed with your description?
Posted:  02/26/2013 17:28:28
Not a fan of air intakes.
Posted:  02/26/2013 16:42:16
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