Bugatti Veyron  |  Spotted in Delray, Florida

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Bugatti Veyron spotted in Delray, Florida

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    Delray, Florida
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    My heart nearly stopped when I saw this. I was standing outside and this Veyron comes out of nowhere and parks at a restruant. The owner owns another black Veyron. This one is a special edition worth 2.5 million, only 9 were made in this color.
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Comments (35 total)
Thank you sir, I could not believe my eyes when I saw it driving down the street towards me! My heart was pounding...
Posted:  09/16/2020 23:09:40
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An epic Bugatti Veyron, I hope to see and drive one of these rockets one day
Posted:  09/16/2020 22:49:39
haha nice. Where I live, I see Lamborghini's once in a long time. Maybe like four a year.
Posted:  05/22/2020 20:39:00
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Surprisingly yes! Not a ton, but they're around. The best I've seen is a Bentayga, cayman gt4, and some 911 turbos/turbo S, but that's because I've barely been to to the main city San Jose. My friend who goes to work there sees lots of nice cars, sometimes multiple supercars per day. The best he saw was a 575 Superamerica (which is an $800k+ car here) but I know of a Carrera GT in town and some other great stuff. The problem is that the taxes on cars here are ridiculous, and on a supercar you are probably paying about 60% over their value in the US, same goes for parts. There used to be an F1 and F40 in the country but they have sadly left now, the annual taxes were just too crazy for the owner to justify keeping them here. Thanks pseudo-socialism!
Posted:  05/22/2020 17:51:00
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Wow. Are there exotics there in Costa Rica?
Posted:  05/21/2020 21:49:49
Charlotte, but I spend I've been living in Costa Rica the past year and am trying to move back there
Posted:  05/21/2020 21:31:22
Seattle. How about you?
Posted:  05/19/2020 21:00:47
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where are you from?
Posted:  05/19/2020 20:10:52
Cool! Supercars are very rare where I live unfortunately.
Posted:  05/19/2020 15:53:28
I've seen an orange one too in the same town too in 2017, same owner. Has since sold this one. Will upload it when I start uploading stuff again, but literally thousands of cars I haven't put on here, it will take a long time haha
Posted:  05/19/2020 05:20:16
Thanks bro! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it driving towards me haha.
Posted:  05/19/2020 05:19:13
Wow, awesome spot!
Posted:  05/19/2020 00:25:08
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Agreed! Definitely better than any of the stock wheels imo
Posted:  03/30/2018 15:33:08
The wheels are killer tho
Posted:  03/30/2018 15:24:05
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Haha, I guess so! This guy has no shortage of cash apparently.
Posted:  03/09/2016 16:48:00
You know what they say, only buy one if you could easily afford another! L/F
Posted:  03/07/2016 22:49:28
Thanks! Personally I like the wheels.
Posted:  03/06/2016 21:30:42
Same guy. He's a jeweler based in Boca Raton and told me that he owns multiple Veyrons, and the lime green 458 is on the Instagram page of his jewelry company. He seems to have a huge collection of super cars. Also, I highly doubt there is another Veyron that looks just like this since it is a special color and has aftermarket rims. I'm in Delray again currently...I don't know if I'll see anything to match this! Best thing I've seen in Delray so far on this trip is a white Aventador Roadster. Couldn't get a picture unfortunately.
Posted:  03/06/2016 04:15:46
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Somewhat coincidentally, I have a friend from Boca Raton. He's seen this one before, or maybe another Veyron that looks just like this, and said that the owner of it also owned an orange Veyron and a lime green 458 Speciale. Wonder if it's the same guy or if there are two different people in BR that have two Veyrons each?
Posted:  03/06/2016 04:06:51
Thanks! :-)
Posted:  03/28/2015 06:40:48
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