Bugatti EB110  |  Spotted in Monterey, California

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Bugatti EB110 spotted in Monterey, California

Details on This Bugatti EB110:

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    Monterey, California
  • Description
    Trio of bugattis at Hyatt regency, id go with the EB
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Comments (16 total)
ben chen is scum of the earth.
Posted:  10/19/2017 06:28:15
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I'd take the panda as well.

Great spot!!!
Posted:  10/03/2017 03:10:53
lol was sarcasm I've been on this site for like 8 years now, and on Instagram for 5 I don't know him personally but he does portray himself kinda like that
Posted:  10/03/2017 03:04:25
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Are you new to this site ???

BEN CHEN is the biggest SOB, a**hole, most arrogant, don't-give-damn-about-other-people guy to be BORN in this universe ... He lives under his daddy-and-mommy dress ... Some people here thinks he got rich from his company which is the BIGGEST BULLS*IT ... His daddy probably transferred money continuously into the company's bank account to make it look like it is making money.

But I am not angry at him because of that ... He goes around flashing his white exotics like he owns the world ... He calls an Koenigsegg Agera R a piece of sh*t.$1-6-million-agera-r-hunk-sh*t.html

Then he crashed a rented McLaren into a warehouse*t-dest-513316118

Then he apparently crashed his Lamborghini Murcielago SV at a car show after he was deny entry or something like it ( tried to find it online but couldn't find anything )

Then he bottomed out his rare Mercedes CLK-GTR leaving a gas station or something like it and behave like no big deal ... you know why ... daddy will just pay for the damage

Do I need to continue ? ....
Posted:  10/03/2017 03:01:10
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Thanks for all the comments guys, why do u think he's arrogant/spoiled?
Posted:  10/02/2017 16:35:49
@KennyMK6R I think you too my comment the wrong way. I agree with you. I was saying it was a shame that such an awesome car had to be owned by such an arrogant and/or spoiled person like Ben Chen. Hope this clears up any misunderstandings ;)
Posted:  10/01/2017 18:34:22

PLEASE ! ... I am not saying anything BAD about the car ... just the SOB, arrogant, daddy's boy, living-off-daddy-&-mommy owner !!!

Most of his vehicles are damn nice vehicles, they just have the wrong owner !
Posted:  10/01/2017 17:31:47
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Awesome combo!
Posted:  10/01/2017 16:26:58
Stare at the front of the EB, its like a mouse with whiskers :D
Posted:  10/01/2017 16:16:20
@KennyMK6R I agree with you to some extent, just not that far. The Panda Veyron is awesome, but unfortunately the owner is not :(
Posted:  10/01/2017 15:37:17
@KennyMK6R ;) I catch your drift
Posted:  10/01/2017 03:51:12

The owner of the Panda Veyron can die in HOT LAVA HELL !!!
Posted:  10/01/2017 03:43:30
Love the combo! EB110 for me also.
Posted:  10/01/2017 02:59:01
Posted:  10/01/2017 02:41:43
Panda Veyron 4 me
Posted:  10/01/2017 00:36:40
I'd go with the EB110 SS too :) Great shot and combo!
Posted:  09/30/2017 22:48:53
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