Bugatti EB110  |  Spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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Bugatti EB110 spotted in Beverly Hills, California

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    Beverly Hills, California
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    Ben Chen's Bugatti EB110 Super Sport finally spotted in the wild after a long time! So on Friday night I was checking instagram, BC posted a story photo having dinner including the location, and drove over there with plenty of time to spare.
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Comments (20 total)
@Kenny not 10000% quite what I was getting at... I mean people with no money end up doing dumber sh*t than this guy... if he kills someone by accident caused from erratic behavior shame on him hands down and he should have known better and needless to say "money would have been a factor" since he did it in a supercar which may or may have not come from mommy/daddy's money.

Saying so poor people do just as much if not even dumber sh*t but I think that point now dilutes the main argument so lets take it one step further... Yes money if handed down can make the person on the receiving end not value it or take everything for granted I mean President Orange for goodness sake with his "small loan" from his father literally lined up all his cards for him his whole life to a point where he doesn't know what the word "no" means. Or Marco Muzzo coming from one of Canada's richest families decides to drive drunk after a trip to Vegas and kills an entire family... yes enabled from money...

The reason we don't hear about all the crazy cr*p poor people do is because it doesn't get as much viewership in the news.

On that note why don't we just enjoy the beautiful spotting of ES's least desired car owner's EB110 :-)
Posted:  10/12/2018 13:24:30
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Wow broskie your taking this a lil to far... Lets enjoy the car in this pic I is a EB110 so who cares who the owner is its an awesome spot
Posted:  10/12/2018 04:13:43

Think about what you said

" Yes he's careless yes his actions can be viewed as moronic however he's got the money to pay (regardless of how it was acquired) for whatever he damages and lives his life as he so pleases. "

... so what you are basically saying is if this moron decides one day to drive 150 mph down a street in one of supercars, run a red light and slammed into your car, and kills your wife and kids instantly ... it is okay because his daddy and mommy will just give you millions of dollars for your loss of family, right ?

If you think that is okay, then I got nothing to say ...

Sure, if he wants to drive like a manic in his Lamborghini, be my guest, but DO IT ON THE GOD-DAMN RACETRACK, not show off in a public place where there are people around.

Hell, once in a blue mood, I towed my modified Golf to the local drag strip or/ this small race track, where I have some fun with it for a few hours in a closed safe environment ... yes, there was a few times where I had incidents where the Golf needed to be repair afterwards and yes I can afford to repair it ... but I know when I was having fun, I know there isn't going to be a 3-years-old boy suddenly running out onto the street chasing his basketball or/ unable to stop at the red light and kill innocent people.

Also what you are saying is because he got money, he can do whatever he wishes, including telling people off ... A lot of people thinks they rule the world because they think they are SO RICH ... WAKE UP ... If you think you are rich, GUARANTEED there is someone richer than you ... and honestly most super-rich people don't behave this moron ... Most super-rich people, you don't even know they are rich at all.

Anyways, I don't care anymore ... you all can go on supporting this fool ... I am leaving this site soon as soon as my own website for exotic spotting goes live ...
Posted:  10/12/2018 03:31:15
Surprised he didn't get a ticket for parking in a red zone and further than 12 inches from the curb...
Posted:  10/11/2018 20:59:09
@Line - Agreed hence why I stood up and voiced an opinion. You don't like someone or their lifestyle/personality sure... But you don't need to go off on a rage fit everytime BC's name or thought of him comes up. Yes he's careless yes his actions can be viewed as moronic however he's got the money to pay (regardless of how it was acquired) for whatever he damages and lives his life as he so pleases.

Overall you seem like a cool guy with stories to tell which at times are enjoyable to read just ease off on the fits everytime BC or Team Sol cars are posted :-)

@KingAM - Nice catch and shot btw!
Posted:  10/11/2018 17:18:19
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Kenny, you don't need to be so opinionated. This site is just to showcase some cool cars and have some light discussions about them with other likeminded fans.

You take things way too far with your cussing, strong views and super long messages.

Just relax and enjoy the pictures regardless of who owns the cars.
Posted:  10/11/2018 15:07:40
love the little tombstone grill. lol
Posted:  10/11/2018 13:58:58
Really guys who gives a rats Ass who the owner is the point being is that this amazing car is not sitting in a garage with the owner waiting for the value to.go up and is actually driving it around i know the Ben chen story and I could care less, he's a car but just like the rest of us.. End of story.... Fantastic spot bro L/F for sure
Posted:  10/10/2018 04:39:49
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@Kenny: I respect your opinion and am not going to argue, but the only positive factor is spotting an EB110 SS outside of a show. Unlike most collectors Ben actually drives the cars every now and then. Obviously almost anyone would be excited to see one parked on the streets but I don't care about the owner much unless he/she is nice to me. For example, during Car Week I was in Monterey where a friendly person let me sit inside his 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster and we had a fun conversation. Basically the point is respect is a two way street.
Posted:  10/10/2018 01:36:50
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Comedy gold :D

Lovely car though for sure.
Posted:  10/09/2018 21:27:33

Do not listen to @Fahhqu, and I have found his comment very damaging to the point where I have forwarded his comment to the site administrator, as well as my personal lawyer.

Now, to answer your question, B.C. is this Asian guy going around USA mostly, but sometimes around the world as well, with his supercars and his gang of friends, that they called themselves " THE WHITE MAFIA ".

B.C. and similar people annoyed the HELL out of me because he have no respect for other people and public properties ... he is the a**hole that crashed a rented McLaren into a rented storage*t-dest-513316118

Same guy who brought a Koenigsegg Agera R and then called it a piece of sh*t.

Same guy who crashed his Lamborghini Murcielago SV outside a car show after he was denied entry and got mad.

Same guy who scrapped the bottom of his rare Mercedes CLK-GTR

I could probably go on for days about this a**hole !!!

Hey, I come to this site like everybody for the love of supercars ... so it isn't that I am jealous of him ... I know a lot of wealthy people and tbh some of them are probably richer than his a**hole, and don't behave like this a**hole.

I know a lot of people on this site LOVE him and support him ... that is fine ... People can make their own choice in life who they like and who they hate ... but don't ask me to like and support him because to me, he is just another a**hole living off his daddy and mommy money ... and I know a lot of people on this site will say he made his money from his businesses, which I call BULLSH*T !!

Seriously look at that super wealthy owner in Ontario who is a crazy Ferrari owner, I know he used to own a red Ferrari F40 .. a red Ferrari F50 ... etc ... do we hear behaving like this fool ? ...

Even the other super wealthy well-known Ferrari collector, David Lee ( look him up on Youtube and look at his collection ) ... does he behave like this fool ? ... So down to earth with the way he talks.
Posted:  10/09/2018 19:16:51
The owner might be a complete a***ole and arrogant, but L/F for his ride though!
Posted:  10/09/2018 19:00:13

Thanks a lot for the story. He is not well known here in far as I know ;-)
Posted:  10/09/2018 17:42:28
LongislandDK, let Kenny explain... haha
Posted:  10/09/2018 15:46:25
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Very nice car and great spot.

PS. Who is Ben Chen ?

Sorry.....maybe a stupid question but I´m from Denmark and I´ve never heard about that guy.
Posted:  10/09/2018 13:09:24
Nice car, but I'll take the Edonis anytime..
Posted:  10/09/2018 07:07:06
need to relax kenny...
Posted:  10/09/2018 05:19:55
Great spot, not so great owner
Posted:  10/09/2018 01:17:59
Was going to L/K the photo until I saw the description that the owner was that F**KING, A*RO*A*T, LIVING-OFF-DADDY-&-MOMMY SOB !!!
Posted:  10/09/2018 01:16:26
Wish I was there. : (
Posted:  10/09/2018 00:49:13
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