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5 Cars That Will Be Valuable Classics

Sep 30, 2012


Written by Andrew O. (andrewo)



1. Ford GT

Since this beauty came out in 2005, it has actually gone up in value!  For a car to do that in 7 years is nearly unheard of.  The GT (built by Ford as a 100 year anniversary present to itself)  respectfully pays homage to the legendary GT40 that dominated the racing circuits of the late 60's.   The timeless design and exclusivity of the car have greatly contributed to it's current market value of $200,000.  It is one of the last, or maybe even the last, true raw supercar.  It only came with a manual, it had tons of power, and it isn't over computerized with traction control, launch control, or electronic differentials.  I got a spirited ride in one a few years ago and I can tell you that it is really, really fast.


Ford GT


2.  Lamborghini Countach

Yes this car is already a classic but I will predict that in the next 5 years, Countach prices will triple.  This was the supercar that defined an era and one that still influences supercars today.  It's powerful design changed the way all exotic cars were created.  Once the generation that always wanted one when they were kids makes enough money to actually get one, prices will skyrocket.  This has already happened with Miura values.  In 2000 someone bought the Lamborghini Miura SV Prototype for $178,000 and sold it in 2010 for $1,700,000.  I think the same thing will eventually happen to the Countach.


Lamborghini Countach


3.  Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche people are crazy.  They will pay through the nose for a Porsche that is unusual at all.  I know someone that just turned down a $1,200,000 offer on his 356 Carrera GT Speedster with a 4 cam engine even though a regular Speedster in equivalent condition only costs $200,000.  The Carrera GT was one of the best looking and best performing Porsches ever made. It was an absolutely brilliant car.  Their prices have significantly gone down since they were new but in 10 years I think they will starting to go way up.  The 959 is starting to shoot up in value currently.


Porsche Carrera GT


4.  Pagani Zonda

The exotic looks and extreme rarity of the Zonda will definitely make it a future classic.  Even the 1999 Zonda C12 looks completely modern today.  Like a 1930's Bugatti, every piece of the Zonda is a work of art.  The interior is decked out with carbon fiber, polished aluminum, and wood.  No car on the road has craftsmanship like this one.


Pagani Zonda


5.  Maybach

The Maybach will become a classic but probably not any time soon.  The Maybach was significantly rarer than the equivalent Bentleys and Rolls Royces.  It's absurd price tag kept production numbers low so seeing one on the street is fairly rare.  Even thought Mercedes charged so much for the car, they still lost money on every one built.  It was made to be the most luxurious car in the world and I think Mercedes achieved it's goal.


Mercedes Maybach

Comments (44 total)
The BMW 1M is worth more now than when it was new. AFTER JUST 3-4 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  04/15/2014 20:11:11
Ferrari F430 16M!
Posted:  06/22/2013 10:06:18
I've seen all but the Zonda.
Posted:  02/21/2013 09:42:44
@EnzofxxGTO i was 13 at the time didn't really think it would be a rude question plus i did say it was a nice car anyway i know people who ask how much other people's car costs before.
Posted:  01/04/2013 14:18:57
Posted:  11/25/2012 14:57:30
Out of all those ive only seen the Ford GT
Posted:  11/18/2012 18:52:42
That's because it's rude to ask how much someone paid for their car
Posted:  10/29/2012 20:47:02
 1 like
i tried to ask what the guy who owns my school how much his XJ220 cost and when he got it but he ignored me.
Posted:  10/19/2012 08:36:50
Not sure about the Ford GT and I don't agree with the Maybach
Posted:  10/15/2012 21:19:13
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The reason he didn't include the Enzo or XJ220 are because again, they are already valuable classics.
Posted:  10/01/2012 22:04:11
Aww, too bad my Countach didn't make it up there. Nice post though, I agree 100%!
Posted:  10/01/2012 21:37:33
Nice post Andrew! I bet the Enzo will also be very wanted in the future, sort of like the 250. Obviously more people would pay more money for a 250 than an Enzo though.
Posted:  10/01/2012 18:38:54
nice post!
Posted:  10/01/2012 14:39:37
jag xj220 will go up even more
Posted:  10/01/2012 14:38:17
great post!

if i ever become rich i would definitely get a ford gt!
Posted:  10/01/2012 12:57:18
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Ford GT! My favourite car! Also I agree with all your choices
Posted:  10/01/2012 09:11:07
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It might take quite a while but a couple otherss that I think are going to do the same will be the SA Aperta, SLS AMG (like the 300 SL), the MP4-12C, and the DB9
Posted:  10/01/2012 07:17:27
Really nice list! What do you think about the S7?
Posted:  10/01/2012 06:50:56
Very good post, in the next five years a cars wich te value is going to grow is the 512BB (and maybe the 512BBi) because five years ago was value around 40'000 Euros (55k dollars) while now is value 200'000 Euros!!
Posted:  10/01/2012 01:25:19
Oh okay. That makes a good deal of sense. On the subject of rising prices, I wonder if the 250 GTO will ever hit a price ceiling.
Posted:  10/01/2012 00:34:14
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